Bacon-Wrapped Beef Tenderloin

This was seriously the best dinner I have made! πŸ™‚ I didn’t have that much to do with it. I think this cut of meat would have been impossible to ruin. I didn’t actually know what I was doing, but this is what I did and it turned out delicious:
Beef Tenderloin (I had 3 pieces that were approximately 9 ounces in total)
9 slices of bacon (3 slices per piece of tenderloin)
small onion chopped
cremini mushrooms sliced
avocado oil (2-3tbsp)
sea salt
ground pepper
2.5 cups beef broth

* A word on ingredients – the tenderloins were grassfed beef, really good quality. The bacon I bought fromΒ Fresh From The FarmΒ so I know the cut is really good quality. There actually was not as much fat from cooking the bacon as I would have expected had I bought a cheaper product from the grocery store.

I coated a skillet in 3tbsp of avocado oil and then poured out the excess onto my tenderloins which I rinsed and had in a tupperware container. I rubbed oil on the tenderloins which my hands and added some salt, ground pepper and thyme. While I was doing this I heated the oil in the skillet until it was slightly smoking. I browned the sides and edges of the tenderloin until they were browned but the meat was still red inside. I then placed them inside the crockpot to cool (and make more counter space). There wasn’t much oil left in the pan because the cuts of meat were so lean, pretty much just the avocado oil. But I left it in the skillet and put in 3 slices of bacon at a time.

I put the bacon in just long enough to brown, but not entirely cook so they were still able to be wrapped around the tenderloins – which was my next step. Obviously I needed to let them cool a little before I could wrap them. With the seared tenderloins and bacon hugging each other and nestled in the crockpot I took the skillet with the bacon fat (which again, wasn’t very much because of the quality of pork) and I sauteed some chopped onion and mushroom just until the mushrooms were tender and the onions clear.

I added this mixture to the crockpot with 2.5 cups of beef broth and 1/2 cup of water and cooked in the crockpot on high for 3 hours.

They turned out amazing. The bacon had a bit of a crisp to it but for the most part the entire piece of meat could have just melted in your mouth! It was amazing. We served ours with some mashed sweet potato (I use 1tbsp of coconut oil and a couple of table spoons of coconut milk to help with the mash….and some garlic too). Served with some steamed spinach and it was a yummy meal! Unfortunately I did not take a picture of the entire meal. The photo above is of the entire mixture in the crockpot just before it was cooked on high for 3 hours.


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