Bright Sun-Shiney Day

Today was a beautiful day. The weather was perfect – bright blue sky, lots of sun but temperatures only in the mid 20’s.

I feel remarkably o.k after yesterday’s workout – that could mean tomorrow is going to be a nightmare…. but for now I felt good enough to go to Strengthbox for another workout. I can’t remember the last time I worked out 2 consecutive days – that is how sad life has been. Today I felt nice and strong and I think at least the pushups and pullups have been doing me some good.

Natural Movement 
Joint mobility pretty much started at the head and worked our way down. Man my hips are tight!

Strength – One Arm Dumbbell press
This was a modified/mutated strict press. It was somewhere in between a windmill and strict press. It was fun to try. I think I would have been able to do about 5 lbs more than my 1 arm strict press 5-rep max if I had scaled the weight better but I used:
10# – 15# – 25# – 30# – 35# – 40#. My strict press 5-rep max is 45# so I probably could have done away with the 10 and 15# reps and I would have done 50#. Alas… next time.

200 kettlebell swings for time. Every time you need to set down the kettlebell you had to perform a movement as a “motivational consequence.” I chose to do precision jumps to help get me prepped for West Virginia. So my workout looked like:

16kg Kettlebell swings – 50 reps
10 precision jumps
16kg Kettlebell swings – 50 reps
8 precision jumps
16kg Kettlebell swings – 50 reps
8 precision jumps
16kg Kettlebell swings – 50 reps

Time – 10:45

Greg had us switch from 10 to 8 reps for the precision jumps because he was worried about how long they might take us. It is seriously like doing the biathlon where you ski, and target shoot. After the kettlebell swings your heart rate is crazy and you have to breath and slow your rate down so that you can focus on making a good landing on your jump. It was fun. Given how fast I tore through this workout I probably could have done 10 jumps each time. At any rate, it was super fun and even when I finished I played around and practiced more jumps. I worked out in my vibrams today and they are breaking in nicely. I need to do some more barefoot walking which I am going to practice while in Belleville the next couple of days looking after my dad.

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all of the men in my life who are. Thanks for all that you do.


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