Danger Ranger

Wednesday March 23, 2011

So Boris has talked me into training for my first kettlebell competition so I’m going to give it a go. I love having a goal to work towards to help snap me out of my winter funk.

So far my program consists of 3 workouts per week. I am going to supplement this with other workouts in my home gym and at least 1-2 Strengthbox workouts as well.

Workout #1
GS Swing – 2min – 1 hand switch X 3sets – 1 min breaks (12kg)
GS Cleans – 3min – 1 hand switch X 2 sets – 1 min breaks (12kg)
1 arm rack walks – 2 sets of approx 220ft with 30 sec breaks (16kg)
Farmer Holds – 1 min holds X 4 sets with 30sec breaks (uneven – 12kg/16kg, alternated hands each set)

The cleans were challenging because I still suck at positioning the bell properly, and then eventually my grip was exhausted, and sometimes I would bang my forearm and curse ever trying to take up this sport πŸ™‚ I feel like the weights might be a bit ambitious for me in terms of the swings and cleans, but the rack walks and farmer holds were relatively “easy” or at least easier by comparison.

Workout #2
GS Swing – 2 sets – 2min 1 hand switch – 1 min break – 4min 1 hand switch (12kg)
1 Arm Push Press – 1 set, 3 min 1 hand switch (12kg)
1 Arm Jerks – 4min – 1 hand switch X3 sets – 2 min breaks (12kg)
Heavy swings – 2 sets of 25 reps (did 25 each side) and then 1 min break inbetween (16kg)

This workout looked easier on paper. In reality, it was way more challenging to me than Workout #1. I found the push presses exhausting – which is weird because I normally quite enjoy this movement when using a barbell – not so much (yet) with a kettlebell.

The hardest part was definitely the 4 min swing. My weak back aches and wants to crumble, and my grip burned out faster than I think is acceptable πŸ˜‰

The Jerks almost killed me. It wasn’t so much the weight, I found I could execute the movement properly, except for when I needed to rest. I think I am not finding my hip or using it properly and I found that my grip is what killed me in the end. Mind you, I did feel that I improved with each set which hopefully shows my technique is improving.

The heavy swings at the end were fun. I wasn’t sure if Boris meant for me to do 2 separate sets on each arm with 1 min rest between each, or what I did which was to do 25 reps on 1 arm, immediately followed by a hand switch and 25 swings on the other arm, and then rest 1 min before repeating a second time. Doing it my way may indicate that 16kg wasn’t “heavy” enough if I was able to take less rest.

Workout #2 reminded me of when I first learned to swim. Going from one end of the pool to the other left me gasping for air and nearly hyperventilating with panic. Once I refined my technique, particularly with controlling my breath, my endurance improved dramatically. The technique for kettlebell still feels a little foreign to me – but life is much more comfortable when I nail the proper technique and downright painful when I muck it up!

Afterwards I did a tabata of abmat situps and back extensions. Scored about 104 reps for situps and 96 reps for back extensions. I also messed around with my pistol since I was wearing my weight lifting shoes. I knocked out 5 reps on my left side, but I couldn’t even manage 1 on my right. My legs were pretty fried from the workout I guess, although my right side is generally weaker. I need to work it more for sure to get more balanced. That could really help my deadlift and squat!

The most important part to these workouts was that I accomplished them during the work week proving that I can have it all! πŸ™‚


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