Delayed Osmosis

Well I must admit that although I came home from West Virginia feeling surprisingly invigorated…. I’ve been pretty lazy this first week back. I am eating sensationally, but being gentle with activity. The swelling in my knee diminished extremely quickly – I was pleasantly surprised and think some credit might be due to the 20g of spirulina and 6g of chlorella I started taking as soon as I was back. While I have been letting my body heal I haven’t been completely useless – I’ve been practicing my shoulder rolls and explosive pullups. I’ve also been doing bar muscle-ups with a band.

So today I was doing some garden maintenance in my backyard where my husband has built me a pullup/climbing station. I have two bars – one is 9 feet off the ground and I suspend a pair of gymnastic rings from it, the other is 7 feet off the ground and I can easily “hop” up to the bar for pullups etc…I would take breaks during my gardening and just jump up on the bar and try stuff. I tried to get over the bar and this one time it actually worked! I completely surprised myself. I had to try again right away to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. I know in this video I haven’t quite done it from the dead hang position but I can. My goal now is to still be able to do it on the climbing structure (where the grip sucks), and the swinging log. Now that will be something.


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