I Did It!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

So I have finally joined the 300# club! Hurray!!!! For those Crossfitters out there who want to dissect my technique, I am aware that there is a slight rounding curvature to my back on the pull, so it is possible that my true max is slightly less than 315#. I didn’t actually do my normal preparation before executing this lift which is kinda funny and kinda stupid 🙂 I was co-teaching a class at Strengthbox with Greg and watching a group of clients loading up there bars. Today was actually a 5-rep max day and we have some incredible male clients at our gym who lift in the 300#’s for their 5-rep max. So ofcourse as soon as I saw 3 plates going on either side of the bar my body started twitching and I had to try it. So I did a warm-up of about 3-5 reps at 275#, waited a few minutes and then pulled 315# off the ground. So had I had a proper warm-up I might have been able to make this look a little bit cleaner/prettier….but I’ll still take it! Greg came over with his camera to film it and I even told him not to get too excited because 3-4 months ago when Greg and I were training together I tried the same weight and not been able to get it to budge. I really thought the initial pull was going to take more time to come off the ground. I really suprised myself!

What do I attribute this massive new p.r to? Well, besides the excellent programming I have been doing at Strengthbox for the past 6+ months, I think that the recent Push-Pull challenge created by my friend and affiliate owner of Crossfit Wollongong has also made a difference. It is so incredible what a few pushups and pullups everyday can do! Normally I don’t subscribe to challenges – I’ve attempted the Burpee Challenge twice (1 burpee on Day 1, 2 on Day 2 etc… until you hit 100 days). The total number of burpees is in the thousands by the end. I’ve made it as far as Day 70 and found that it was too much and wound up hindering my performance. I have found the Push-Pull Challenge to be a respectable number that doesn’t fatigue/strain/overuse my muscles and I can feel a difference in my overall upperbody and core strength. Pretty Cool.

I have completed the 3rd week of the Push-Pull Challenge and there is only 1 more week to go. I’m thrilled because the final week doesn’t have quite as many reps as this week had! 🙂 Here’s the 3rd week recap:

Week 3
Monday – 22 pushups / 38 pullups
Tuesday – 25 pushups/ 25 pullups
Wednesday – 27 pushups / 33 pullups
Thursday – 10 pushups / 40 pullups
Friday – 37 pushups / 13 pullups
Saturday – 80 pushups
Total: 201 pushups / 149 pullups

And joining the 300# club wasn’t my only first today. After Martial Arts class today a bunch of us were hanging around and playing at the end of class. I managed to pull myself up and over the bar today! Erwan would have been so impressed! 🙂 Greg’s cue of placing my forearms on the log first was exactly what I needed (and save me from again pinching and bruising under my arms!). I got my forearms on the log and was able to kip a couple of times until I was able to push off my forearms and up onto my hands so that I could dip/press myself into a lockout position on the log. This felt amazing because the log in our gym is dynamic. So to try to do this on something that is moving is extra challenging. I’m ready for the Expansion course Mr. LeCorre!


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