I Love the OKC – Day 1

This post could also have been titled “The Best Weekend Ever”. It started off with my buddy Greg getting to meet Steve Maxwell and watch him train Joe Rogan in his very own gym! Joe gave him some complimentary tickets to his stand up show at Massey Hall on Friday night but Greg had to work. He gave Carl and I the tickets and it was awesome! We were so excited just to be there but then were extra excited when Doug Benson wound up being in the house as well and came on for a set. It was a great date night for Carl and I 🙂

Today Strengthbox hosted the first of a two day workshop by the OKC (Orange Kettlebell Club). Only 2 out of the 3 dream team members were there – John Wild Buckley, and Jason Dolby. Nazo was stranded in Japan and wasn’t able to come. I hope I get to meet her some day!

Jason and John are characters. I have never had so much fun learning about kettlebells – they are way nicer than Boris (I don’t mean that in a personal way – Boris is amazing- I love Boris. But let’s face it the guy is a slave driver. He pushes you to the limit until you’re left screaming “Uncle”….literally…). But seriously, I have man crushes on both of these guys – intelligent, great wit, wicked sense of humour…and badass with kettlebells. A pretty hot combo, but since I am married my awe is restrained to a “man crush” similar to the way my husband feels about Jarome Iginla…which is still high praise to bestow upon someone I think… at least I would be flattered if someone had a “man crush” on me… teehee. I’ll add Joe Rogan and Steve Maxwell to the man crush list too. Rumour has it Steve Maxwell will be stopping by the gym tomorrow so I am hoping to get my picture taken with him. I need something new to cover up my Josh Everett photo (haha).


Day 1 was a gentle introduction to some key kettlebell movements (swing and clean), ending off with a slightly more complex one (jerk). We also did a lot of play with Indian clubs. Jason took us through some sick mobility drills that were just incredible for my right shoulder. My right shoulder is completely filled with scar tissue and definitely my weaker side in most of the lifting I do. If I could improve my mobility in my shoulder joint and be more balanced I know my performance would definitely improve. It’s a little sore right now but I know in the long run those Indian clubs did some great stuff for me today. I am definitely purchasing a pair and adding them to my pre and post workout routines.

Mobility Routine

Cobra Touchdowns

Indian Clubs:
Folding Arcs
Folding Wrists (can do arms seperately as well as together)
Reverse Folding Wrist
Chest Opener
Frontal Plane Half Circles
Frontal Plane Full Circles
Sagittal Plane Half Circles
Sagittal Plane Full Circles
Falling Circle Inside
Falling Circle Outside

Jason is the cutest, sweetest guy and let me video tape him completing this warmup series. He uses the correct names of the movements- what I’ve listed above is my bastardized version from the notes I took during the workshop. I’m stoked to add this to my routine.

Another big theme today was breathing. Jason has this down to a science. I can’t believe the hours he must have dedicated to getting it perfected the way he has. Tomorrow I am also hoping to get some good video of this technique so I can review it until I have it down.

Many light bulbs went off today and it has made me realize what a great teacher Boris is. I would not have had a clue about 90% of what they were talking about (both content and their weird American accents saying “zee” instead of “zed” haha) had it not been for everything Boris has shown me. This sport is very technical and although it is now beginning to become almost “natural” it has taken me a while to figure things out… I’m still figuring things out. What’s neat is so are world class instructors like the OKC or gods like Eric St.Onge. I love that this sport seems to attract life-long learners as that is what I pride myself on being. The more ways you can hear the same information, the more likely it is going to sink in. That’s exactly what happened today. John and Jason gave me different ways of thinking about the knowledge Boris has already given me and now I feel more confident and knowledgeable about what I’m trying to achieve in my workouts.

Overall it was a great day of instruction and helpful hints and pointers and brand new ideas. I’m sufficiently tired but not too beaten down to be anything less than excited for tomorrow. I also tried jerking a 20kg bell today and was able to get multiple reps out! I was pretty stoked because that is the heaviest I have EVER jerked. I even managed to get a one out at 24kg but was too gassed to repeat it. Next time. I have Estella to thank for that. Every time she picked up a heavier bell the competitive side of me felt “obligated” to match her 🙂

It’s been a while since my last entry and my training took a bit of a hit and medical hiatus as I came down with bronchitis. The weather has been crap, and work has been super stressful which I think is too blame for my weakened immune system. I’m feeling on fire today though and ready to get back to training even if I am behind in my programming. I’m still gunning to get on the platform June 5th.


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