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If it wasn’t hard….anyone could do it…

August 3, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The countdown to both my first kettlebell competition in June and the MovNat course in July. I need to keep on schedule and make the most of the next few months.

GS Swing – 2min – 1 hand switch X2 sets – 30sec breaks

1 Arm Long Cycle – 5min @ 8rpm
1 Arm Long Cycle – 4min @ 10rpm
1 Arm Long Cycle – 3min @ 10rpm
– 1min breaks between
The hardest part here has been learning to control my breathing and finding a natural rhythm during a cycle. I’m finding right now it seems to make a tremendous amount of focus and concentration (not always my forte). I’m still hangin’ in there that over time this will become second nature 🙂

Farmer Walks (used 20kg) – 2laps + Heavy Swing (used 16kg) – 20 reps X 3 sets- 1min breaks

The workouts are definitely getting harder! The cycles felt pretty good, but the farmer’s walks at the end + heavy swings were deadly. The last 2 sets I fought hard to get out 20 reps and didn’t quite make it before I had to break them up (14 +6, 12+8).

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