Love the One You’re With

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tonight was the Strengthbox Holiday Party and it has made me super reflective (o.k…and a little bit drunk) and appreciative of the people I have surrounded myself with for my training. Although “The House of Cyn” was initially designed to be a solo venture, I have learned that it takes a village – haha! My fellow trainers Liz and Greg really inspire and push me to work harder (or at least as hard as they work, which even I will admit is insane at times) as do many of the clients. It is such an amazing place. The way I am currently training with them is the way I want to train for the rest of my life. And ofcourse, the fact that my amazing husband supports my crazy ideas and philosophies makes me love him more and more everyday. Thank you Carl for being so supportive!!! 🙂

And again, I will say nothing but positive things about the addition of the Martial Arts component to Strengthbox. I honestly feel this is a necessity… for everyone. One day I will write a blog entry solely about my reasons for thinking this. It is just so nice and refreshing to learn something new… and to be again put into an extremely foreign and unnatural experience and learn to become comfortable and natural with it. I am learning so much about myself and instincts I didn’t know existed. And apart from the clients – Edward and Oded are seriously the best training partners and teachers EVER! I also have a goal of dedicating a blog entry simply to discuss their teaching style. This has also helped enhance the way I think about doing my job and interacting with my students.

In short, nothing but positive things have happened to me since my participation in theStrengthbox community. My lifts are heavier than they have ever been in places I had previously been stagnant for over a year. I am mentally stimulated and encouraged to use my awesomely developed functional strength towards a truly primal activity – self-defense. I mean honestly, I don’t think my life could be any better right now 🙂 And that is not the 3 post-workout Heinekens talking! Haha! 🙂

When I saw today’s workout was going to be timed for 20 minutes in duration, I initially told myself I would take it easy and work at a slow steady pace. Naturally that lasted one round and then I found myself pushing myself harder and harder with each passing minute. At the end I was drenched in sweat way more than I had been expecting too. But ofcourse it all felt great.

Natural Movement
20 KB Swings (16kg)
10 Coconut Slams
10 AbMat Situps
10 Equalizer Pushups
10 Squats
10 Equalizer Body Rows
10 Back Extensions

Course: 20 minutes

5 Hanging Log Burpees – I alternated legs over the bar and pullup to elbows on the bar….with the tree rash on my arms to prove it!
10 Body Rows (Rings)
10 Pistols on a Box (5 per leg)
Over/Under Equalizers
15 Kettlebell Swings (20kg)

Completed 5 rounds exactly

I am really starting to notice the benefits of the Push-Pull challenge. Ofcourse I fit in my 40 pullups/10 pushups before the workout started. The 16kg kettlebell is just a joke to me now. I barely need to use my hips. My new standard for workouts will be the 20kg or the 24kg. This feels great.

The log work was super fun.

Thankyou Strengthbox for the good times 🙂


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