MMK – MovNat, Martial Arts, and Kettlebell

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Today was a very busy Saturday. I taught a couple of MovNat classes at Strengthbox, did an hour and a half of martial arts with Ed Wilson followed by a 2.5hr kettlebell workshop with Boris and Eric St.Onge.

Martial Arts was amazing. I have been on a bit of a hiatus and hope to get back to it. It feels great kicking some ass 🙂

The kettlebell workshop with Boris and Eric was also amazing. I learned a lot and hopefully will be able to make these adjustments to improve my technique. Nothing beats coaching. It is tough training alone, and although there are many reasons why I like it, there is nothing like feedback. This sport is completely new to me so I have to trust my interpretations of Boris’ instructions. I think I’m on the right track but it is nice to be able to check in and just have it re-affirmed.

The main things I took away today were my hand positioning is off which is probably why my grip sucks and my basic GS swing also sucks – not just because I’m a newbie. I’m finally able to adjust my hand position properly in the rack position and I’m hoping over time I can stop doing that and my hand will just naturally slide into the proper position on its own. The other is I’m not fully swinging through at the bottom…I’m not quite sure why I do this – whether it is just a matter of better conditioning my core so that I am fully using my hips as intended. I know my back was a limiting factor in the early days of learning how to swing and I think when I am being too lazy I am too upright don’t allow the full range of pendulum movement that would be the most efficient.

We did some fun new drills today that Boris hadn’t shown me yet – such as “half” snatches where you practice moving from the lockout position to the swing in a relaxed drop which follows the body line more than arching outwards away from the body. We also did a fun 8 minute cycle of 1min snatches, 1min cleans on each arm repeated. I wimped out and used an 8kg bell so this was actually pretty easy. I was wanting to use it as an opportunity to really get more hand movement around the bell and try to feel that adjustment of being in the proper hand position particularly in the rack. I was still pretty burnt by the end of it. Another drill I really “liked” was holding a lockout. I used a 12kg bell for 30 seconds each arm and a 16kg for 45 seconds each arm and I didn’t realize how tough this would actually be. Doing overhead walks is way easier than standing still.

Overall it was awesome. I learned some new mobility drills and will be practicing my side plank until I can hold it for over 2 minutes each side. I’m going to use the technique corrections I learned today and apply them to tomorrow’s workout which I am stoked for because its jerks! I love them!

I have felt as though a cold was coming on but I have desperately been trying to fight it. So far so good.


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