More OKC Love – Day 2

Day 2 was full of awesome surprises like Steve Maxwell stopping by the gym! I had to take this rare stalker opportunity for a photo op and he was more than willing to oblige. He is a very sweet man…and WOW! One serious machine for a body. 

Greg and I with  Steve Maxwell
Day 2 did not disappoint and I can’t believe how much we covered in 8 hours. I can’t possibly explain in this post everything we covered, or all of the hilarious shenanigans that kept me laughing and smiling throughout the day. We did some new movements with the Indian clubs today, we reviewed from the day before…I couldn’t believe how the time flew by. I feel a little conflicted with today. On the one hand, I actually wish we had had a little bit more time on the snatch, but on the other – I have spent more time and had more instruction in the snatch than the jerk so it was neat to try some new stuff. I actually find the jerk to be a less complicated movement pattern (for me) than the snatch. I think it appeals to my “badass – I love to lift heavy shit” side….One of the key concepts I received on the jerk today from Jason was about landing – after you get under the bell and you’re in that squat position I would have a tendency to hang out there for a few seconds and then slowly stand up. I’m not sure how I developed that habit but it’s there. Jason explains how to stomp your heels on the landing and push your knees back in more of a horizontal plane and this allows you to get into that final position and ready for the next rep much more quickly.
Jason explained to us how he had the same issue and when he learned this technique he just repeated the movement pattern over and over again. I was recording this had just turned off my camera when he started getting loose with it and turned it into some hilarious dance moves. I knew I had to get him to do it again so I could record it. I noticed that Boris had been in the washroom during that time and missed it so when he came out I used the opportunity to get Jason to give an encore performance and he bashfully obliged! Thanks J!! 😉
Next hilarious moment was with John. I had started (and sadly was beaten to the punch for the rest of the weekend) a terrible round of “that’s what she said” this weekend which I realized with kettlebell terminology is a little too easy to get in to… anyway, I knew I had John on his toes carefully constructing his sentences to avoid me calling him on the joke…. until this moment on video where he realizes there is only one way he can say what he needs to say… there is no way out…. no… wait… Jason to the rescue to utter the unmentionable…. “the key to the snatch is insertion.” Best line ever. Hahaha. Jokes aside John gave a VERY different and interesting perspective for me on learning how to snatch. It felt like I was snatching for the first time. I love the new assistance drills he showed us and I will definitely be practicing them. I can see how important assistance drills are especially for beginners. We need to develop a level of comfort and trust with the kettlebell and that’s what they’re great for. I need to lay down a lot of reps on that to become one with kettle.
So I’m feeling pretty good about my level of participation this weekend. I was worried about how my health was going to hold out but I actually felt better each day. I’m super proud of these bruises because I really busted my hump to try everything that was asked of me, even if it felt awkward at first. These feel like badges of honour as I can tell that my hand positioning is where it should be, which means my brain is actually starting to remember! One day soon I will have goat horn callouses. For now, people will continue to worry that my husband Carl is beating me.
What an amazing weekend! I am so thankful for OKC! They have really helped me find a love for kettlebells that I didn’t know was there… I had an inkling but was too afraid to be excited because individual competition makes me feel barfy with nerves and anxiety… I now feel super motivated to train and want to be one of those household kettlebell names people are droppin’. These guys are just so damn fun to be around. If I won the lottery I would pay them to follow them around for a year and do a circuit of meets with them. I’m sure my husband would be o.k….haha! Since I’m talking about hypothetical situations where I win a ridiculous amount of money so clearly it would be enough so that he could join me on my crazy adventure. That’s how great these guys are. I wish there had been more time. It really felt short because I’m a sponge and they are a vast ocean of knowledge… we barely touched the surface, and yet that was more than my brain could process. It was a great weekend. I feel like I learned a ton, a lot hasn’t sunk in yet, and a lot I can’t WAIT to try! I feel like I’ve found a new sense of purpose. I guess I should really say…

Thank you Boris! 🙂

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