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Need More Kettlebell

August 3, 2011








My newest heroine…So I’m a little bit behind on my training, but can easily get back on course – it just means doing some back-to-back days.

Overall I am finding it easier and easier to swing the 12kg, but I wouldn’t say it’s a piece of cake yet. I think I’m going to find a 10min cycle at that weight challenging. But I think I’ll learn a lot and being competing at heavier loads in no time.

GS Swing 3min, 1 hand switch X2 sets – 1 min breaks between sets (12kg)
This is seriously my least favourite part of the entire workout. It is the brussel sprouts (which I hate) of kettlebell.

GS Cleans – 6min – 10rpm – 1 hand switch. This was relatively challenging – as in I was completely done at the end of 6min, but it could have been worse. I split it evenly with 3min on each arm.

GS Cleans – 8min – 8rpm – switch hand every min. I thought Boris must have been going soft, this was much easier than I expected. I think I’m getting the hang of the rack position and using it properly to help “rest”. Or at least I’m learning to get as comfortable as possible under the circumstances 😉 This was one of the few moments of the workout where 12kg was starting to feel too light.

My Leader didn’t state how much rest I could take between sets. I would say I took 90sec between sets.

1 Arm Overhead Hold Walks -4 laps X2 sets – 30sec breaks. I used 12kg for this. It might have been too light but with only 30 sec rest I just knew 16kg would kick my ass in an impossible way. Next time it comes up I will try 16kg for sure. 4 laps was challenging, but I made sure that I walked at a slow and controlled pace.

Farmer Holds OK Grip – 1min holds X 4 sets – 30 sec breaks. This nearly killed me 😉 I used a 24kg bell and every set was a challenge. My grip was shot by the end. I think Boris would have approved.

Hey Boris – In 3 more days I’ll need more workouts! 🙂


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

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