Nostalgic Strengthbox Workout

This is an old workout dated August 26, 2010 that I have decided to hang on to. Greg and I should try this workout again and see how we do πŸ™‚
Yo, yo, Everybody Jump!! Yo yo!

O.k…seriously… I might be singing right now. I feel pretty amazing after today’s workout…. and the gorgeous plate of spaghetti squash with awesome grassfed beef tomato sauce creation sitting in front of me isn’t hurting the situation. Today’s workout hurt. What was awesome was that I wasn’t working out alone, and therefore had the added intensity of racing/competing against others – not outwardly, but in my own head. What I loved about today’s workout was that it was one of those workouts that hurts so bad, you are in an added hurry to have a fast time just to put a stop to the pain that much quicker. And to know that you are working that hard, hitting that shitty uncomfortable zone and still maintain excellent form feels pretty freakin’ awesome.

Also, knowing today that I pushed myself into an uncomfortable place and survived it feels extra awesome. A lot of people aren’t willing to make themselves uncomfortable. They think experiencing pain is something to run and hide from. Personal growth and character development really blossom when one is willing to push themselves into that zone of discomfort, and somehow find a way to make themselves comfortable with it. For myself, I have found that this approach doesn’t come easily or perfectly for me everytime. Although in the moment of a workout I can feel like I am giving as much as I have, I know deep down that the fear of the pain, and the pain itself can cause me to emotionally experience different levels of engagement. Sometimes I can embrace the pain and push through, sometimes I can’t. Now don’t get me wrong, I NEVER back down from a workout. Once I’m in, I’m ALL IN!

Over time I have noticed that I have several annoying coping strategies that I try to use during a workout when I feel that fear sickness creeping up on me. I’ve found being aware of them has helped me significantly in trying to overcome them and embrace my inner fire breather, and even allowed me to poke fun at myself! πŸ™‚ One of my coping strategies is pausing/ taking my time to transition between 2 or more movements…you know, for example standing with my hands up ready to jump up on the bar to do pull-ups, but taking 3 or more seconds to stare at the bar. This doesn’t happen right away… just when I start to approach overdrive or light speed πŸ˜‰ Removing these “fear hesitations” could shave a lot of seconds off of my total time. So my goal for today’s workout was to work on flawless transitions, even if it meant only for 1 rep. I felt very successful in this goal today, I’ll give myself a 8/10. Pushups are still a limiting factor for me in terms of strength. That is one of many areas I would like to improve. I’ve started doing some weighted tabatas with pushups so we’ll see how that goes.

Natural Movement:Β Squat mobility – 5X1min squat holds with 30sec rest in between. Balancing and Cobble-stone mat walk, double kettlebell swings 3X5reps using 16kg. The stone mat walk felt AMAZING! It actually kinda hurt while I was doing it, but afterwards – even a few hours afterwards, my feet and legs feel awesome.

Strength:Β Press – 5 -5-5-5-5 @ 50#-60#-70#-80# and 90# These felt really good. I’d like to try 95# for a 5 rep max, and see how much (if any) my single rep max has improved.

Complete 3 circuits as fast as possible of:

50 wall jumps (target 1′ above extended arm reach)
40 air squats
30 situps
20 pushups
10 pullups

Time – 17:59

Btw – Greg is my hero. That s.o.b completed this workout more than 5 minutes faster than me! I hope in the next 12 years I get just as fast!!! πŸ˜‰


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