Right On Track

Sunday, April 17, 2011

This weekend I have been feeling on the edge with a cold that seems to come and go. Lucky for me it feels like it is on the way out…there is no time in the schedule for any set backs. I’m getting better at getting more rest and managing my work time more effectively.

I just realized now that I have done some selective reading of the programming and didn’t quite following instructions 🙂

1 Arm Cleans: 1:1 Work/Rest cycle – 1 hand switch (was actually supposed to be Swings)
2 min set – 16kg bell
4 min set – 16kg bell
Even though I messed this up I still found this challenging. Swings would have been harder but I think only marginally. I’ve got some new bruises today…

1 Arm Jerks – 1:1 Work/Rest – 1 hand switch
3 min set – 8kg bell – warm-up
5 min set – 12kg bell – 10rpm
So this is the LAST time I will jerk an 8kg bell. It is so ridiculously easy I can barely jerk it properly…it’s just overkill. 12kg on the other hand is nothing to sneeze at especially if I’m going longer than 5 minutes. I think I’m ready for the 16kg now.

Farmer’s Walk – Pyramid upwards in weight every set
3 Sets – 4 laps ( 16kg, 20kg, 24kg)

Felt pretty good today. I felt like I had immediately used some of yesterday’s teachings and applied them (or at was better able to self-correct). I think one of the biggest changes I noticed was my breathing did not feel as panicky as it has in previous workouts.

Later On….

In the afternoon I went to a bikram yoga class. I really want to keep on top of my mobility as I know it is going to be one of the first weaknesses Erwan is going to expose in July. I have to try to bridge the gap and improve for a healthier more balanced body. And its just awesome injury prevention and common sense….that I usually ignore 🙂 I think the yoga class was good for my cold symptoms. It felt great to sweat.

Today has been pretty productive. I prepared some Island-Braised Short ribs
, I used the leftover chipotles to make some amazing spicy homemade mayo. Chipotle mayo is amazing with sweet potato fries which will definitely be on the menu this week!

I have to say for entering into the weekend exhausted and fighting the cold, I never would have imagined I would have worked out both Saturday and Sunday and I feel pretty energized.

The Need For Speed debuts tomorrow!


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