Sunny Days of MovNat

Saturday, July 9, 2011
Katy and I are leaving for West Virginia TOMORROW! I can’t wait! I will be snapping photos like crazy and keeping a journal while I’m there so expect a few blog entries when I return!I’m pretty much packed. Katy and I had wanted to prep some food for the journey to make sure we stay 100% paleo on the road. I bought some gorgeous (and expensive) steaks that Carl bbq’d for us but now I’m a little worried about trouble at the border. That in itself might be an interesting story 🙂

In the meantime I decided to hit Strengthbox for one more workout before I leave.

This was awesome! As a teacher I need to get a little more creative and this was interesting. We worked in partners. I worked with the lovely Grace. Grace started with a pair of 16kg bells and farmer walked with them while I ran. I ran until I came up from behind Grace (insert joke here) and yelled “switch!” Grace then dropped the bells and began running and I picked up the bells and began walking. We did this for 4 minutes. It was pleasantly challenging. I felt it most in my upper back – between my shoulder blades. I wore my vibrams for the running and they are still feeling great.

Strength: Press
12 – 10 – 10 – 8 – 8
35# – 55# – 65# – 75# – 75#
I found this rep scheme interesting and challenging. I like when Greg mixes it up like this. I was hoping I could do 8 reps @ 85# but that was way too optimistic. I repeated the last set at 75# but I was just squeaking the last reps out with good form. Any more would have been too much. Next time…

Combo: 12 minutes
10 BB Push Press (55#)
Agility Ladder (used Lebert bars – reminded me of Greek dancing-teehee)
Jump On (24″ box)with Precision Landing
Lame Dog Walk (under the low bar of the climbing structure).
5-10 toes to log (on the swinging log)

This was a great challenging combo. Funnily enough I found the lame dog walk to be the most challenging. Especially when you had to get your butt down to get under the climbing structure.

Once I get back from West Virginia I will be focusing on kettlebell training and preparing for competition. And ofcourse, prepping for school and getting ready to teach a grade 5/6 split for the first time! Woohoo! I’m loving life right now! 🙂

Might As Well Jump

So far the summer has been quite delightful. I’ve been doing a little bit of organizing and preparation for school next year, teaching some classes at Strengthbox, and getting some type of little workout in every other day.Today I was teaching the hang power snatch. I didn’t wind up doing my own lift today but I did a lot of pvc work with snatch drills and progressions. It felt great to do these drills and gave me some confidence. This is a movement I have ignored for too long and need to cycle in more frequently.

In between classes today I squeezed in this spicy combo:

12 Minutes:
10 Jumping Pullups
10 Tuck Jumps
10 Clapping Pushups

I didn’t keep tally of my total number of rounds. I would guess that it was over 9. I did the first round of clapping pushups from my toes, but after that I had to go from my knees to maintain proper form. It was incredible how the jumping exhausted me by the time I got to the pushups. Funnily enough it was the jumping pullups that felt the easiest. The tuck jumps and pushups were the challenging part of this workout. I always find it pretty amazing how tiring only 12 minutes of activity can be if you push yourself hard enough! 🙂

Afterwards I did 10 snow devils just to get in some abdominal work.


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