Thank You Dear Leader

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

Well I’m back in blogging action. For the next 4 weeks I will be doing some kettlebell training with Boris. Boris is a great coach and one super cool dude. Only someone that seriously cool could talk me into doing something new. It has been an introduction to a completely brand new sport. It is actually kinda of neat for me to see the evolution of me actually enjoying myself! 🙂 In the beginning it felt awkward and painful and exhausting (and let’s face it, it still does sometimes ;)… I was initially off to more of a hate- hate relationship with it.

But today, after only our first session, some things started to click. I am getting a better understanding of how the proper way to hold the bell (and painful bruising reminders when I forget!). Even though my technique is crap since I’m still learning, I did get a boost out of challenges we did today to work on our grip because it was less technique specific and so my brute strength could shine through! It definitely is keeping me motivated to tenaciously and patiently work on the new learning curve. Once everything is clicking… I might even be a little bad ass! Let’s just say it has now become more of a love-hate relationship. 🙂

Training Session #1
I’m doing this from my weak and feeble memory so I may leave out some sets. This is a sketchy outline of what we did based on what I could still recall.


Competition style kettlebell swing review:
12kg Kettlebell swing 2 minutes timed, switch as many times as you want
12kg Kettlebell swing 2 minutes, switch only 4 times (every 30 sec)
12kg Kettlebell swing 1 minute, switch every time

Single Arm Kettlebell presses (start and finish in rack position)
12kg presses 2 min (each arm)
16kg push presses 2 min (each arm)
12kg push presses 2 min (each arm)

Single Arm Overhead 12kg Kettlebell Walk (2X length of gym) repeat for right and left side. Complete 5 explosive pushups after each walk.

Double KB Overhead walk (pair of 12kg) (2X length of gym).Complete Rack walk with 16kg KB (2X length of the gym). Dead hang off pullup bar to practice grip strength. Not allowed to drop until 2nd group finishes overhead walking. Repeat X3

Farmer’s Walk 32kg (2X length of gym)

Farmer’s Walk Circuit:
Walk 6 lengths of the gym in total before resting:
2 lengths with pair of 32kg
2 lengths with pair of 28kg
2 lengths with pair of 24kg
2 lengths with pair of 32kg
2 lengths with pair of 24kg
2 lengths with pair of 20kg
2 lengths with pair of 24kg
2 lengths with pair of 28kg
2 lengths with pair of 20kg

The farmer’s walks almost killed me. It was an amazing challenge. The weights I chose were perfect. They were do-able, but DEFINITELY challenging. My forearms were on fire and my hands could barely clench into a fist or stretch out and open up. It was pretty hilarious.

Cool Down
We had an amazing stretch after the workout. I left feeling on cloud nine. It reminded me of how relaxed I feel sometimes after doing yoga. Overall an amazing workout and experience. Thanks Boris! 🙂


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