The 300 Club

Saturday, November 20, 2010                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

For as long as I can remember (which as I get older seems to be only about 12 month increments of time-haha!) I have wanted to do a 300# deadlift. I came close once, a year or so ago and hit 295#. Then I took a bunch of time off and only really this summer did I get back into a groove and develop consistency again with my training. I followed Wendler’s 5-3-1 program for a while with my deadlift, front squat and press just to help me get a little closer to the loads I was used to lifting before. I have to give credit to this program that within 3 weeks (lifting 3 times a week) I was able to return almost to my former self. After this I launched myself full force into Strengthbox’s programming for another 4-6 months (and counting) which is what is allowing me to make the progress I am seeing today. Although perhaps not considered MovNat, the amount of time I have spent working on my deadlift technique is what allows me to pick up other different shaped heavy objects safely (e.g. logs).

Natural Movement: 
Walking Lunges length of room
Shadow box approx 1 min
Burpee Long Jumps length of room
Shadow box approx 1 minStrength:
5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5
135# – 170# – 200# – 235# – 260#*New 5 rep max p.r. felt amazing! I was easily able to do each consecutive rep unbroken. I may have had 5# more in me, but this was pretty accurate in my opinion. I think a 5 or 10# increase would have caused me to sacrifice form so I’m glad I stopped at 260#. I think my new goal for my 3 rep max will be 275#. According to Wendler’s formula that would give me a 303# single rep max which would be awesome! I’m very close to joining the 300# club!

15 Minute Course:
Balance Beam with squats
5 HEAVY KB swings (used 20kg)
5 Back to wall Med Ball toss (15# ball)- over log
Low walk (duck walk)
10 Pullups

Completed 4-5 courses in 15 minutes.

Once again after the workout I did some martial arts training with Ed and the gang. It was exhausting this week as we worked on our punches, kicks, defensive positioning and put it together in partners where we practiced putting it all together. It is getting more difficult and challenging now as we experiment with out instincts for when to defend/evade and when to attack. I pretty much learned today that I don’t really have any instincts, and the coordination of putting together an elbow followed by heel strike followed by a cross punch and kick combination was very challenging. But I have lots to practice for next time! Now I am eating some of my thai chicken soup and I’m thinking about having a nap!


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