The Day That Changed My Life

This would be September 12, 2010.

It was the day I had been waiting for. Erwan LeCorre was coming to Strengthbox. It was going to be an 8 hour adventure into natural movement. It would take way too long to delve into the philosophical awakening of this experience so I recommend checking out his website. My friend Boris Terzic does a great job of recapping some of the highlights of this experience.

It was great to hangout with a group of like minded individuals to try something new. My friend Bryanna reminds me all the time to do something that terrifies me at least once a day. Although I am not nearly that brave, I felt like delving into this was a start. One thing that I look for in my fitness regime is to push myself hard enough to make myself uncomfortable…and then somehow dig deep enough to actually find a way to calm my body and my brain to actually make peace and find comfort in the discomfort. I’ve mentioned this in previous posts so it should come as no surprise that it is a recurring theme. What I love about MovNat is that it offers this exactly, without a heavy emphasis on competition with others.

In fact, this was one of Erwan’s points that really resonated with me – that constant competition against our fellow species isn’t exactly healthy. But that doesn’t mean quite what you might think it mean. I can still be motivated by others and try to strive for a similar level of fitness if they surpass mine. But I don’t derive a sense of worth or esteem from taking them down. I am motivated by competition in the sense of how performing skills in the presence of others can raise our game. I don’t care what the end result is if I did my best, pushed myself beyond what I thought capable and accomplished something I once thought impossible. If that means I deadlift 300# awesome! If it means something less, who cares? I know, it may sound corny but as I get older, the only person I really want to compete with is myself. The only records I really want to beat are my own. I still have the potential for so many performance gains, and I look forward to the skills I can develop with MovNat.

One MovNat movement I am obsessed with is climbing. It is definitely what attracts me to pullups (even though I curse about hating them) and sports like Parkour. It is also a skill I feel still needs a lot of work, but I honestly find it FUN! It can also be scarey since I am terrified of heights… as in paralyzed with fear terrified of heights. But even still, I’ll suck it up because I really enjoy climbing walls, trees… you name it! My husband Carl installed a suspended tree branch at Strengthbox and it is one of my new favourite pieces of equipment. So oblivious was I – too busy enjoying climbing this branch, and practicing muscleups on the bar, that I did not notice my arm until the next day!

So what’s next? I will continue training at Strengthbox, as well as the House of Cyn. I will start setting aside some money so that next summer I can attend a MovNat workshop in West Virginia. I can’t wait!


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