Pistol Practice

Sunday, January 30th

It is no secret that I have wanted a pistol for a couple of years now. I’m not going to lie to ya… I’ve never really put a lot of time or effort into practicing. There might be the odd day here or there where I would play around with different progressions. I’ve even done a few workouts where I would do weighted box step-ups or pistols on a Lebert bar or paralelette…but if I was as hungry to get it as I professed to be then in my opinion I should have just buckled down and worked on it every day for as long as it took. I suspect in 2-3 weeks of daily practice I could have one. So enough is enough. I’m on it. Today atStrengthbox I decided to try using 2 different methods.

1. I stood on a tall box and tried doing a pistol where my outstretched leg had room to dangle and I didn’t have to worry about it touching the ground. I almost have it with this progression. On my left side I can get into the bottom position, I just can’t push out of it. I can only get down about 50-60% of the way on my right side. I’m not sure why I am tighter on my dominant side.


2. I tried standing on the ground instead of the box and held an 8kg kettlebell in front of me for balance/support. I found the combination of this (and my weight lifting shoes) allowed me to actually do a pistol. My goal is to now do 5-10 KB pistols every day until I can do them without the kettlebell, and in bare feet.

After playing around with my pistols I spent an hour and a half with my friend Boris (and some other friendly kettlebell enthusiasts) learning about some of the basic techniques required for kettlebell sport. If you don’t know anything about it… get in the loop! It is pretty freakin’ cool. I am very curious about it and think I might give the idea of competing some serious thought. There is a competition coming up in March… I will likely be more ready for spectating than competing this early… but either way I suspect I will learn a lot.


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