Stage 1 – Feels Like the Very First Time

Well, here I am giving this kettlebell thing another go. I got off to a great start in April/early May and then had the WORST asthma every for the rest of May and June. I’m finally feeling strong and ready to commit. Before getting sick Boris had written me a 4 week program training 4 days a week. It was a crammed and lofty goal that happened to be at the same time as the most stressful time of year for me with work. I think the stress and strain of trying to maintain that training schedule along with the crazy hours I was putting into work and it was not a good mix. Now that I am feeling stronger, and I have a month more of holidays , I really want to use this time to get in as much volume as I can. So I have gone back to Boris’ program to finish what I started.

Even though as you can see in the video my form is crap and I’m out of shape – but I’d like to think of this as the “before” videos. I’m now going to track my progress and work my ass off and see what the “after” looks like. With the embarrassing evidence posted here I feel that it will make me look AWESOME in the after ๐Ÿ™‚

So please keep in mind that I was only virtually aware of kettlesport through Boris’ blog (see my blogroll). My body has only been aware of it and practicing for a few months. I’ve also taken a couple of months off. ย Over the next month I will be reviewing my OKC videos and talking more with Boris – and ofcourse filming my workouts so I can get some constructive feedback.

Here is DAY 1 in my “Loads of Work” Cycle which will be 4 weeks long:

Long Cycle: 1:1 Work/Rest Cycle – 1 hand switch

3min set – 12kg bell – warmup

3min set – 16kg bell – warmup

5 min set – 12kg bell – 6rpm

5min set – 16kg bell – 6rpm

2min set – 16kg bell – 8rpm

Notes: Just from watching these videos I already know what I can improve. One major thing would be my breathing. Funnily enough I didn’t realize I was probably holding my breath until the last set of 2min/8rpm with the 16kg bell. After the first couple of reps I caught myself panicking and then remembered to breathe. I felt much better.

Boris has also reminded me of some pointers on dropping out of the overhead position and re-racking. I’m definitely a work in progress.

Farmer Walks – 1 min rest – double KB

4 laps of the gym X 4 sets – for this I increased the load each set : 12kg, 16kg, 20kg. ย I was only able to actually do 3 sets. The 1 minute rest was shorter than I was used to and I had absolutely no grip left to move up to 24kg for the last set, OR to even repeat 20kg.

Ended off with some abdominal work: Jennifer Hintenberger’s plank series and “snow devils”. I was spent! haha!


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