Wonky For Wollongong

JJuly 26, 2010

So first things first. Yesterday I went to a one day workshop at Dhani’s gym (Crossfit Academy of Lions) to see Melissa Urban and Dallas Hartwig from Whole 9. The topic – The Whole 9 approach to a better healthier lifestyle in terms of how to properly fuel your body. This duo is hot (as in, yes…amazing shape and attractive! – always good to get nutrition advice from people who obviously walk the walk)and funny! They made me laugh on more than one occassion. I like their sense of humour and intelligent wit. They made some heavy scientific stuff actually make sense. And their approach is so simple I wish I had taken this workshop about 4 years ago.

Their seminar (which I highly endorse and think everyone should go to – there is one coming up at Strength Box in October)made me realize I need to start asking myself 2 basic questions before I ingest anything:

1. Is what I am about to put into my mouth actually food?

2. If it is, is what I am about to eat going to make me healthier, or unhealthy?

The right answers are obvious (if you have taken their workshop)and if I can really embrace that intent every time I eat I will be rockin’. I’m going to start a whole30 trial (notice I tried to avoid using the word “challenge”… I’m not sure I like trial either…) on September 1st. I know this might sound completely lame to be putting it off into the future. And I’m not putting it off so I can stuff myself with Doritos and chocolate bars until September 1st (although that would be tempting). I will still maintain my current lifestyle (which is still pretty paleo), but I do know of some social challenges coming up in the next few weeks that I am not willing to compromise on. This summer is my time. Once September starts it is more realistic in terms of what my day to day life and challenges and stresses uaully are (at least 10 months of the year) and something I am willing to put all my effort and stamina into being completely squeaky clean and testing out how to make this work for my “real” life. Stay tuned for the chronicles of my Whole 30 month of September!


Is one that I saw on Crossfit Wollongong’s website – owned by my friend Deanne Ashford. I have to say I just LOVE their programming and it is now my site of choice to follow! I do still want to keep my eyes peeled on the sites for Crossfit New England and Crossfit Fort Vancouver because of their success at the most recent Crossfit games. I have been avoiding this workout like the plague because I hate thrusters…and I have been needing a lot of extra motivation these days to workout during this gorgeous summer weather. My body wants to be lazy and soak up the sun…so the fact I was able to complete it (allbeit in a VERY slow time!)makes me happy. This workout would be an excellent benchmark workout and I might just try this one again in the fall.

10 Rounds for time:
6 thrusters (65#)
6 pushups
6 toes to bar

Time: 18:52 (UGH!)

The video shows me during the first 5 rounds and it just got slower and more painful after that! haha! Great workout Deanne! This one was spicy and deceptively hard to go from thrusters to pushups. It’s pretty obvious from watching this video that I need Whole 9…and a few more metcons in my week! 😉


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