Respect the Kettle

Day 2 – Loads of Work

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

So first of all I just want to mention how much I hate cleans. This probably means I am not doing them properly but my forearms are banged up today.  I’m also back to being a kettle virgin so I know I do have some toughening up to do.  At any rate, 16kg was just way more than I can repeatedly clean right now.

Cleans: 1:1 Work/Rest cycle – 1 hand switch

3 min set – 16kg bell –  warm up

*5min set – 16kg bell – 8 rpm

*The warm up set sucked so bad that I only made it 90sec into the 5 min set and I bailed on it. Next time I think I should do 12k bell for my warmup and then move up to 16kg.


1 Arm Jerks:1:1 Work/Rest cycle – 1 hand switch 

3 min set – 12kg bell warm up

5 min set – 12kg bell – 10rpm

5 min set – 8kg bell – 12 rpm

2 min set – 12kg bell – 14 rpm

What was funny here was I initially glanced at this and scoffed at the 8kg bell work. I had it in my crazy brain that I was going to use 12kg and 16kg bells. After I finished the warmup set using 12kg (which was supposed to be 8kg) I realized there was no way I could follow the rpm scheme here and use a 16kg bell. After admitting Boris was right I switched back to what was prescribed. I’m so glad I did. By the time I hit the 3rd set I was feeling it. The light weight made it easier to focus on technique, especially when I started to get a little fatigued. I could not have been as composed at a heavier load (at least for now….).


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