Gettin’ Fit

I have definitely been neglecting more cardio elements to my programming. I really need to run more. I have a goal to try running 5km/day. I keep postponing this…. so when I was talking to Greg last night and he mentioned wanting to put a lot of running in today’s combo I was excited. Running 1600m seemed like a way better idea and overall transition than running 5km so I was up for the challenge.


Snatch progressions




Power Clean

Reps –      5       –      5      –      5    –     5    –   2

Weight – 65# – 85# – 105# – 115# – 135#

I didn’t rest long enough and was just overall sloppy on that last set. I should have tightened up and gotten through it. Next time.



Run 400m

50 Double Unders

Run 400m

40 Double Unders

Run 400m

30 Double Unders

Run 400m

20 Double Unders

Time – 12:15


I wore my new Inova-8 230-lites and they felt awesome. I think the double unders were the easiest part. I fell into really smooth rhythms quickly and did set of 30 and 20 unbroken.  Set of 50 and 40 I only broke once around the 30 rep mark. I tried as hard as I could on the run and was pretty cramped up for a lot of the run. I’m proud of how quickly I transitioned from running to skipping back to running again.  It felt great to run.


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