Gotta Move On With Your Life

I remember in university I had a really awesome group of roommates. One day they very humorously pointed out to me my ADHD/manic -like behaviour. So right now, in the spirit of those memories I feel like doing something like that with  this post.

On the happy side: (insert my giddy, hyper active, fast talker side)

The Ancestral Health Symposium was last weekend and even Loren Cordain dubbed it “The Woodstock of Evolutionary Medicine”.  Several people and presenters that I knew were going to be there. There were many presentations that the nerdy biochemist side of me would have loved to hear. As I lay on the couch at home wallowing in the fact that I am not spending the weekend in Los Angeles, California I randomly check Facebook for updates. To my surprise these images flashed on my wall:

Shouldering a log

Bear crawling on a log
Precision jumping on picnic tables

Erwan Le Corre had used many of the photos from our week at West Virginia for his presentation. I had no idea, but I will say that it feels awesome. That week was the most important event that I’ve experienced in a long time. The value this methodology has had on my training is enormous. I have so much that I need to work on but I am enjoying the daily challenge of working on things that will help my body move more efficiently for many many many years to come!

Now on the darker side of things: (insert my “in-the-depths-of-despair voice)

I feel like a fat, lazy @^(&$! The last few days all I have wanted to do is sleep and watch t.v. I’m not sure what is going on. Maybe my body is just resisting the summer ending and going back to work. Whatever it is I am embarrassed! I should be using this free time I have to workout as much as I can because my days will soon  be back to being filled with planning, marking and coaching. Sigh** I was teaching tonight at Strengthbox and decided to go in early to do a kettlebell workout, and then if I was feeling good, the Strengthbox combo.

Kettlebell Workout:

Long Cycle (snatches) 1:1 work/rest cycle – 1 hand switch

3min set – 12kg bell – warmup

3min set – 16kg bell – warmup

5min set – 16kg bell – 6 rpm** (only completed 2.5min on right side)

2min set – 16kg bell – 8rpm

** This sucked!!! I only wound up doing 2.5 min and then I dropped the bell. I was working on my right side and only wanted to complete 2 more reps before switching over to my left (arguably my stronger side despite not being my dominant side). Well I crumbled and dropped the bell. But realistically speaking the entire thing was shit. My rhythm… well, I didn’t really have any. I think for the most part my breathing was pretty good – but my technique was all over the place. It felt like no 2 consecutive reps were ever the same… haha! O.k… maybe not quite that bad…but pretty close. Although I did bounce back and was able to do the final 2 minute set.

Overhead hold walks – 1 min rest – single KB  4 Laps X 4 sets

* For the record I just want to say this whole 1 minute rest thing is a pile of crap 😉 I found it super challenging and as a result only did 3 sets instead of 4. I used a 12kg bell for 2 sets, and had wanted to use a 16kg bell for 2 sets. Well I struggled immensely on my right side but was able to complete a set. On the “4th” set I just did my left side.

Finally I ended with some abdominal work. I did 3 sets of 10 “snow devils” and 10 toes to log.

Although I am incredibly disappointed in my technique, I also know that I am a complete freak and hard on myself when it comes to learning new things. Being patient is something that I need to work on – after trying for almost 40 years I still haven’t figured that one out! 😉 There is a competition coming up in Toronto on September 25th so I have a new goal to train for.

Oh Yeah!! (here it is…)

You know what else was awesome?

I got over the bar today without using my legs!!! I finally figured out how to push off my forearms, and to use the knee drive up to help. It is a different way of kipping and I’ve struggled to learn it but today it clicked! Hurray! 🙂


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