Back on Track

Well it’s back to school! I’ve moved to a new school and it has been an exciting week of change. Work is now much closer to home, and my favourite gym is right in the middle. Life has been good. My new plan is to go back to training in the morning (which has meant a much earlier bed time!). I have rocked so far this week and made it to Tuesday and Wednesday morning workouts. Thursday and Sunday are my new rest days.

This was Tuesday’s torture 😉

Joint Mobility
10 Overhead Squat
10 Situps
10 Back Extensions
10 Pullups
10 Ring DIps

Turkish Get Ups 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 (each side, alternating with...)
Jump Rope 100 forwards and backwards

The backward skipping was the challenging because it is a skill I 
almost never practice.I liked having get-ups in this combo because
as they went on and I started to feel tired it was one of those 
movements that definitely requires a lot of mindfulness if you don't
want a kettlebell landing on your head :)

This was Wednesday's Wake-Up Call
Quick Joint Mobility Session


Squat 5x5 (95#. 115#, 135#, 155#, 175# - last time I did 185# but I
felt a difference with less rest than I would usually take if doing 
only 1 lift instead of 3)
Bench Press 5x5 (45#, 75#, 95#, 115# (only 2 reps), 115# (3 reps)

Barbell Rows 5x5 (45#, 55#, 65#, 75#, 85#)

Finish one exercise before moving to the next.  First two sets with 
lighter weights, last three are working sets.  Keep rest to a MINIMUM 
(just long enough to change the weights) in between sets. I know I'm 
too hard on myself but these lower numbers piss me off when I know I 
can do more. This was a challenging workout. I haven't done a group 
of lifts in a long time. It was fun though. I partnered up with Vito 
and we were a great match. I even pushed him to keep up with me on 
the squats and he did. I was hoping to do the same on the bench press 
but it kicked my ass ;)

Wednesday evening I came home from work and attempted a 6 minute set 
of 12kg jerks. I think I did close to 50 reps but died. I also 
embarrassingly had to bend over and check my watch because I couldn't 
hear the alarm I had set. I also only lasted about 5 minutes instead 
of 6.

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