Finally Friday!

I survived the first week of school! I'm a little tired from doing 
3 workouts this week and trying to adjust to the new schedule. But 
I'm still determined to keep at it! Here's what was going on at the 
box today :)
Natural Movement:
200m sprints (felt great in my Inova's!!)
Side shuffles and grapevine (200m total)

Pistol Progressions and Practice
This sucked. I was able to do a few sets of 3 on my left leg while
 holding an 8kg but nothing on my right. I can't even put any 
weight on my right leg. I think this might call for some physio...

1) 1 minute row
2) 1 minute 16kg double kettlebell cleans
3) 1 minute row
4) 1 minute Plank-Burpees (no pushup at the bottom)
5) 1 minute row
6) 1 minute of standard two-arm KB swings (single 16kg kettlebell)
7) Rest one minute and repeat!

Great workout today. Great group of people at Strengthbox :)

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