Managing Stress

My workout schedule has been pretty chaotic this past week or so. More deadlines from school. I really need to start embracing the fact that 90% of the next 10 months is going to be insane. I need to find a consistent way to manage my stress and the best way for me is my training. I’m working on my snatch right now preparing for my first kettlebell competition. I’ve attended some workshops and will be training with Boris at the East York Kettlebell Club. The more I lift the more comfortable it becomes. Boris has tweaked my training just the right amount that I really notice a difference in how I feel. Instead of wanting to throw my bells through my neighbours car windows… I actually feel improvement.

Boris has also been a superstar working around my insane schedule and has given me some homework to do.

After doing about 6 minutes worth of swings I launched into some snatch progressions where I alternate a swing with a snatch. I did some sets with 2 swings/1snatch, and then 1 swing/1snatch.

I followed this up with some half snatches. By the time I got to these I was starting to feel a little fatigued (only took 1 min rest between my other sets). My right arm had a hard time getting into a rhythm at first but then I finally got into it. It felt “sloppy joe” for the entire set.

I think I cleaned it up a bit on my right side when I did my set of half snatches with 16kg:

My goal is to start using sports/training as the excuse to manage my stress, and not my stress as an excuse not to train/play. So far I am winning compared to the September/October of the past few years.

Oh yeah – I ended with some static holds using my 16kg in one hand and a 24kg (fitness bell, not a pro bell) in the other hand. I did 1min holds with 30sec rest X4. I switched up the 24kg alternating hands each round. These were challenging but do-able.

I’ve also been working on my jerk – I think I would average fewer reps of jerk over 10min than I would for snatch even though the technique for jerk has been easier to learn. Below is some footage from the end of  September that I took – more homework from Boris.


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