Dear Kettle, I’m Sorry For Being A Whiny Bitch

So I have to admit that the past few months of kettlebell training has been nothing short of frustrating. Although I am a very competitive by nature, I am not very patient. At least when it comes to learning new things… and winning.  If I don’t pick it up quickly and immediately become the best at it… there are problems. My husband often jokes that I’m o.k playing a game win-or-tie. It’s either first or nothing. Even tying for first sucks.

And yet, I have always loved training and never questioned having an active lifestyle. I do enjoy play for the sake of play, and being active just helps keep me sane. I learned at an early age that exercise was my Ritalin.  I still love the idea of competing at things…even at almost 40yrs of age… but lately I have really only wanted to compete with myself – push myself as hard as I possibly can in each moment that I train. No judgements, no comparisions to others. Just enjoy the effort, the hard work, the determination, the commitment to mastery just for the sake of doing it….that’s when I’m at my best. It’s what made me fall in love with Movnat. Throw me into competition and my will to win paralyzes and sabotages my will to train. What if I suck? What if I completely embarrass myself in front of others? What if I get a “no count” or a warning? What if, what if, what if…..

Then I remembered my dear amazing old roommate from university – Bryanna. She is a truly inspiring person and basically because of her I now encourage my students to try one new thing that terrifies them each day. I must admit that “each day” is way more risk taking then I have ever done…so I’m a bit of a hypocrite (although I have openly admitted this for several years now). But the sentiment is there- you know face your fears, don’t avoid things just because they make you uncomfortable (mostly mentally speaking, but physically also). So in the spirit of NOT being a hypocrite I have decided to throw myself back out there. To give the kettlebell another chance… or at least get on my hands and knees and beg kettle for forgiveness.

I went to Strengthbox yesterday and had a quality session with Boris. I was feeling exhausted and not wanting to lift (stressful week at work). But once I walked in the door and saw some familiar happy faces it was easy to turn things around.


3min 12kg swings (1 hand switch)

2min hand insertions per side X2 (8kg)

3min 2swing 1 snatch (8kg, 1 hand switch)

3min 1 swing, 1 snatch (8kg, 1 hand switch) X2

3min snatch only – 3 breaths at top – 8kg

45sec 12kg overhead holds (single arm) each side X2 No breaks between


Just what the doctor ordered! I felt like I could finally feel what a proper catch was supposed to feel like. Of course I could only hit it perfectly probably 1/5 times…. maybe more… sometimes maybe less 😉 It really reminds me of when I first trying to learn how to throw a forehand in Ultimate. I remember going to the beach with a friend and throwing for hours, and the same level of frustration when I could only initially complete a very low percentage of throws properly. Of course with practice it didn’t take long for the consistency to develop… funny how that still be the case. At any rate, it has me looking forward to my next workout.


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