Fully Dedicated

We’re rolling dirty with it, fully dedicated, so real that the radios would never play it. But that’s cool, the enemy’s supposed to hate it, freedom ain’t gonna come til we regulate it.

O.k… enough Dead Prez lyrics, for now.

This weekend is a bit crazy for me. I decided to take my standard first aid course. I feel as a teacher as well as part-time trainer at Strengthbox that this was something I must have. It has been fun and great to meet new people, but it does stress me out to think of all of the work I should be doing for school. That, and it is going to feel like I have worked 2 weeks in a row. Β With report cards coming up in a couple of weeks it was a bit of bad timing by me but I’m just going to have to roll with it. The first aid course is being held at a Royal Canadian Legion in East York. At least the location for me rocks. Boris lent me an 8kg bell to use on the condition I returned it in time for his training group on Sunday. I knew when Β I got home from my first aid course I would not feel like training outside (rainy, windy, cold) at the House of Cyn and then returning the bell. I guess I could have done it at Strengthbox, but I still would have been exhausted. So I took the kettlebell to the first aid course and did my workout at the Legion during the lunch break.

Boris assigned me homework for today to do a 6 minute cycle. I was only using 8kg so I didn’t think it was that big a challenge. I take it back. I did the best that I could. I had no issues lasting 6 minutes, my breathing felt nice and controlled which is a big improvement to the panicky feeling I would get when I first started. It reminded me of when I was learning to swim – breathing hard just to keep your head above the water, constantly feeling like you could drown. Not today. Nope, my problem today was my right shoulder. It is really weak. Using the 8kg was actually a challenge for it. I was able to last 3 out of the 6 minutes but only completed 47 reps. On my left side however, I feel like I could have gone much longer than 3 minutes and completed 55 reps (I actually think it might have been more but I lost count). I had a camera videotaping and the battery died after only 2 minutes. I always start on my right hand side because it is the weakest (and poorest technique) compared to my left.


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