Gettin’ It Together

Yikes…. this is turning into the blog of excuses. I feel like I am accumulating List of Things to Do in all areas of my life that I just can’t keep up with. It has been a hard road trying to accept the fact that the notion of “being caught up” just doesn’t exist. At least, it doesn’t exist for teachers. Ugh.

Now that my coaching stint is done and basketball is over I am determined to reclaim my life and training. I’ve got a rough group of kids this year and I have to keep reminding myself that they best way I can take care of them is to take care of me. On the plus side my eating has been great and I have dropped some pounds which I attribute completely to teaching at my new school. At my previous school I was in the heart of downtown where I was surrounded by coffee places. I would allow myself way too many “cheats” and I hadn’t realized how those calories added up. I am now teaching in the middle of Ontario subsidized housing with nothing in walking distance. My goal is to be able to compete in kettlebell in the 65kg weight class.

In January the East York Kettlebell Club is hosting a funky kind of kettlebell competition involving various pressing events. This will be my first kettlebell competition and I’m excited. I think I have a chance to be relatively decent at presses than any other event right now. The technique is simpler and easier than say – snatching. At least for me. I am getting old…so learning new tricks is challenging… but I’m determined to keep working on it. With the press competition in mind here’s what Boris prescribed for my workout today:

Swings – 1hand switch
3min – 12kg – 1.5min per hand
3min – 16kg – 1.5min per hand
*I took 3min rest between sets
Cleans – 1arm
4min – 8kg – 2min per hand – 10RPM
4min – 12kg – 2min per hand – 10RPM
4min – 8kg – 2min per hand – 10RPM
I took 2 minutes rest between sets
Press – 1arm
4min – 8kg – 2min per hand – 8RPM
4min – 8kg – 2min per hand – 8RPM

I took 2 minutes rest between sets


The hardest part I found were the swings, and the easiest was the presses. The cleans were somewhere in between. I left this workout feeling smarter about how to properly insert my hand in the bell and get that 3 point contact. I also think that pressing lots will help my snatch. My number one mistake with my snatches on my right side currently is this annoying tendency to swing the bell out to the side instead of dropping in a straight line. It puts a lot of strain on my shoulder joint and feels like hell…and for some reason I can’t stop myself from doing it. Pressing has helped me work on dropping the bell straight down into the rack position and I know that is going to translate to  other movements too.


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