Today was a beatiful December day. There is no snow, the ground isn’t even frozen (at least it wasn’t this afternoon) because of all of the warm amazing sunshine that was out today. It was fantastic. I had to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to  do my kettlebell workout outdoors in the backyard.

Swings – 1hand switch – 2min break
4min – 12kg – 2min per hand
3min – 16kg – 1.5min per hand
Again these swings were freakin’ hard (and I hated most of every second). The 12kg weren’t bad. But the 16kg again nearly killed me. I lasted 83 seconds each side. They probably looked terrible towards the end . I feel like such a weakling. Why are these so hard?

Cleans – 1arm – 2min break
4min – 8kg – 2min per hand – 12RPM
4min – 12kg – 2min per hand – 10RPM
4min – 12kg – 2min per hand – 10RPM
Easy peezey lemon squeezy. By the end of the last set of 12kg I was starting to feel it. I’m feeling more confident each time with inserting my hand into the bell.

Press – 1arm – 1min break
4min – 8kg – 2min per hand – 12RPM
4min – 8kg – 2min per hand – 12RPM
The first set was super easy. The second set was easy-ish…the last minute on my left side I was starting to feel it (I always start on my right). I’m really focusing on dropping the bell into the rack position without exerting energy. I think I’m getting better at just letting it fall in a straight path.

Yup. Things are good. Right shoulder feels great.  My right knee is still messed up from West Virginia. I did some Steve Maxwell mobility which felt amazing at the time but a few hours later my right knee is killing me. I think it stirred up a bunch of scar tissue that didn’t want to be stirred up, even though it needs to get flushed out. I’ve been trying to drink lots of water today. I also did some Indian club work which I’ve really been ignoring. I need to get my act together when it comes to mobility.

Side note:

I’ve decided to take a handful of movements that I would like to improve my total number of reps/time. Most of the movements were chosen because of their inherent nature of being the building blocks to many other movements. I have chosen deadhang pullups, ring dips, pushups, glute bridges and bottom squat holds.  Right now I have to say it just feels great to be moving.


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