Old School

So tonight was a bit more of a traditional old school gym workout but it was still fun. I have to say there are some movements out there that although completely lack functionality they are challenging and I’ll admit it…. fun. It felt a bit like I was cheating on Movnat, but this is positively ridiculous. Training is training. Doing some old school stuff every now and then is not a bad thing. There are way worse things I could be doing… like lying on the couch. Today was also fun because I had the opportunity to talk to some Sheridan film students who wanted to do a project on Strengthbox so I was able to talk to them and gush about all the reasons why I love that place πŸ™‚

A. Superset 5×5
1A: Double KB Clean and (Strict) Press
1B: Double KB Bentover Rows

8kg, 12kg, 16kg, 16kg, 16kg


B. Superset 5×5
2A: Double KB Front Squat
2B: Double KB Swing

12kg, 16kg, 20kg, 20kg, 24kg*

*I was only able to do 4 front squats with the 24’s and I had to take a bit of a break before starting the swings. It took me 3 attempts at swinging to finally get it up to eye level. The problem with the fifth rep of the front squat was that my bodyweight shifted foward to my toes and the bells just fell right out of my hands.


2 times:
3A: Ab Wheel/Barbell Rollout x 4 reps
3B: Slow and Controlled Situps x 10 reps (4 secs up, 4 secs down)



We did a 7 minute combo so that the film crew could see movnat in action. This was the best part of the workout. Initially I thought I was going to find it impossible because my body was thrashed by the workout. But I surprisingly found it energizing.

4 Over/unders

Sandbag cleans

Break the Coconut

Vault over bar

Climb over bar

Balance Walk

Wall Climb

Shoulder Log (walk forward and backward)

Beauty of movnat is that there was no real set number of repetitions. Just a lot of productive movement. This was challenging but super fun. I hope the footage looks o.k πŸ˜‰



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