Warm Fuzzy

Today was a great day. I really feel like I made a breakthrough with my new grade 5/6 class. I had each student in the class write something positive and meaningful about one of their class mates and teachers (we need to feel good too). I then had them decorate envelopes with their names on them so that I could collate all of their responses for each individual student. I was going to wait until next week a day or so before we go on our holiday break. Being terrible at surprises or delaying anything awesome I had them read them today. The dynamic in our room for the rest of the day was so much more positive. I had students who wanted to volunteer read aloud the ones that were the most meaningful to them. Most of the class volunteered to read aloud and it was so cute to see them acknowledge their classmates and appreciate the kind words. Sigh** Ofcourse they still drove me nuts with their CONSTANT chatter and wandering (these kids seriously can’t sit for more than 5 minutes at a time)…but today we all realized that we can make mistakes but people won’t define us by them, ย and instead can stop to take a moment to acknowledge something wonderful. It was an awesome day in Awesometown.


So after leaving school feeling pretty amazing I headed to Strengthbox. Today’s workout was awesome! Super challenging but in a very fun way.


2 Double Unders and 2 KB Swings the first minute
4 DUs and 4 Swings the second minute
6 DUs and 6 Swings the third…
..,.Ends when you can’t do the req’d no of reps within a 1 min time frame.
Goal is 20 DUs and 20 Swings in the 10th minute.

I met the goal of 20 DU and 20 swings and still had time to spare! ๐Ÿ™‚ This was BIG FUN! I loved it!



3 ย Circuits of the following:

10 Double Kettlebell Clean and Push Press
10 One-arm Kettlebell Bent-over Row (each side)
5 Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up (each side)
6 Double Kettlebell Clean and Front Squat (clean before each squat)
15 One-arm Kettlebell Swing (each side)

Take 30-second breaks between each exercise and 60-second breaks at the end of each round.

I used a pair of 12kg kettlebells for this workout. It was exhausting! I could have done 4 circuits but I think 3 was plenty ๐Ÿ˜‰

This combo was also very fun. I found it most challenging to transition to the clean and front squat after doing the Turkish get-ups. By the last set I found the kettlebell swings exhausting! ๐Ÿ™‚



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