Pulling My Weight

Today was an amazing day at the House of Cyn. I came home from instructing at Strengthbox and picking up my amazing grassfed beef share (and pasture raised chickens) and decided to put together my own combo. I have not been deadlifting very much in the last year and I’m sure I have probably lost some of my 315#  1-rep max.  As a result, incorporating deadlifts into a workout has been on my mind for quite some time now. My aerobic capacity is an area I need to work on as well as I have been avoiding running for the past few months. So today’s workout involved those 2 things. It turns out this workout could also be called “How to Exhaust Your Lats” but that’s another story…


Low walks

Body Rows

Wall Climbs

Balancing (with squats)

Swinging on and vaulting over the bar.



1000m row

50 Body Weight Deadlifts

1000m row

It took me just under 15 minutes to finish this workout…which was a little disappointing as I was hoping for closer to 12min. Just goes to show my cardio is a bit sluggish right now. Despite that though this was a very fun workout. The first 10 deadlifts were the hardest and then it became progressively easier. The first 1000m row I started off strong and my stroke rate slowed down by the end. My time for the 2nd 1000m row was the same as the first section, the only difference was my stroke rate was the opposite –  I started off slower and became progressively faster.

Cool down:

Steve Maxwell’s Universal Mobility video. I felt amazing by the end of this. After this I went to Home Depot and purchased a chest freezer to fit all of our amazing grassfed beef! 🙂


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