New Year’s Resolution – Do One Thing Everyday That Scares Me

If I had any time, energy, motivation , whatever it might be I would use that idea to create a blog around. Chronicle my adventures of pushing the boundaries of human growth and (I’m talking physical, emotional, spiritual…whatever…all of it, it is afterall  a non-existent blog I do not intend to write) what a great idea! Who am I kidding?… it has probably already been done.

Maybe I should preface this entry with a warning: Self  Indulgent Rantings Probable….

Today I have never been more happy to receive a participant medal    in my life. Normally I scowl, perhaps  leave, possibly have a temper tantrum, fight back tears, possibly cry, swear, hurl insults….yeah…never been great at losing. Even to this day my husband refuses to play chess with me… because our chess set is missing pieces from when some “accidentally” went flying after a match. Today my worst fear occurred. I entered a competition and lost with spectators to boot. And yet, I’m thrilled. I’m smiling, and I had the best time. I think I might finally be growing up! 😉

Today the East York Kettlebell Club hosted the first KB Press competition. I competed in 2 events – First was the  Traditional Overhead Press where I chose to use a 12kg bell and performed 81 repetitions. This was then followed (several heats later) by the  Seated Chair Press (performing single arm kettlebell presses – 1 hand switch for 5 minutes while sitting on top of a 20″ box , free arm cannot be used as support, you can stand to clean when switching arms) and performed 99 repetitions.


I have been doing kettlebell training for about 10 months. I have avoided every possible opportunity to compete because I felt too inexperienced and thought I sucked. Today I feel great because I overcame trying something new, and took a risk to put myself out there when I had no idea what I would achieve. My results aren’t great but it provides me with a baseline of data I can now use to move forward. It really has changed the way I view the workouts Boris has been programming for me. I feel like I have a much better understanding of what’s required, and the inspiring part is that I believe I am capable of doing much better than I did today.

My fitness goals for the next few months are to add a little more running to my program (I’m going for twice a week), and work on my deadlift, dead hang pullups and KB snatching for the Tactical Strength challenge in April. In the interim I am looking forward to an Indian Club workshop with Steve Maxwell later this month, and a Movnat workshop with Clifton Harski in February, and hopefully another Canadian visit from the OKC in March  (all hosted by Strengthbox).

Final Thought: I’m really lucky that I get to train with amazing people. They are self-less with their time and will  do anything to support a fellow athlete… well… almost anything.


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