Did Rocky Balboa Ever Get Colds?

Here it is the first week back to school and to me asserting fitness in my life and not being job-dominated…and I get sick. At first it seemed related to the 21 Day Sugar Detox I am on (Day 8), then I thought it was allergies…..but nope. It’s a good old fashion cold. It still sucks, and is zapping my energy.

But ofcourse I’m a Dell and we don’t let little things like colds get  in our way. I have goals to go after.

I was back in touch with my friend and owner of Crossfit Wollongong to hook me back up with the Push-Pull Challenge that I did last year. Well leave it to my friend Deanne to make a new and improved version. Here’s what I’m up to the next 4 -8 weeks (I’m considering doing it twice to prep for the Tactical Strength Challenge).


HOUSE OF CYN PUSH-PULL CHALLENGE 2012 (courtesy of Crossfit Wollongong)


Pushups/Pullups Pushups/Pull-ups Push-ups/Pullups Push-ups/pullups
Monday  = 38/12 Monday  = 15/35 Monday  = 22/38 Monday  = 11/39
Tuesday = 31/19 Tuesday =   19/31 Tuesday = 25/25 Tuesday = 9/41
Wednesday  =  25/25 Wednesday  = 28/32 Wednesday  = 27/33 Wednesday  = 35/15
Thursday   = 16/34 Thursday   =  44/6 Thursday   = 10/40 Thursday   = 32/18
Friday  =  9/44 Friday  = 9 / 41 Friday  = 37/13 Friday  = 21/39
Saturday =  60 push ups Saturday = 70 push ups Saturday = 80 push ups Saturday = 45 push ups
Sunday =  rest Sunday = rest Sunday = rest Sunday = rest
Total  = 179push/134 pull Total  = 185push/145 pull Total  = 201push/149 pull Total  =153push/152 pull




  Pushups Pull-ups
Monday Standard pushup from toes (chin/chest/thighs touch) Strict (no kipping)
Tuesday Standard pushup from toes Loaded Pullups *
Wednesday Ring pushups Kipping pullups
Thursday Alternate weekly- decline/hspu Kipping pullups
Friday Standard pushup from toes Chinups
Saturday AMRAP first, then broken as needed  

*I don’t have loaded pull-ups so as a progression I am using a 20# dumbbell load and a high box and working on the negative of the pullup. Right now just from the chin over the bar but I would like to work on negatives from chest over bar.

I started week 1 on Monday. Cold or no cold, I refuse to miss a day. The last time I did this and had perfect completion I pulled a 315# deadlift. I’d like to be able to pull that at the Tactical Strength Challenge. My pullups are my weakness which is why I want to focus on them the next few months.

My cold did not stop me from going to Strengthbox tonight for a little conditioning workout:

Natural Movement – Precision jumping and landing

Strength – Ring dips 5-5-5-5-5

This was supposed to be max effort sets. I was a little lazy and just did 5 sets of 5 because my arms were fatigued from the loaded pullups.


Row 1000m


Body Rows (using Lebert bar)

Dumbbell push press (25#)

Row 1000m

It felt good to sweat, and enjoy a good epsom salt soak. Only tomorrow will tell how my cold really felt about me taking part in that. Fingers crossed it was helpful! 🙂


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