Whole 30 Reflections

Today marks the 14th day I have been crap-free. I honestly can’t believe it. I was really most worried about feelings of withdrawal and mad cravings and how was I going to deal with them without crawling out of my own skin. I must admit that while the cravings have been there, the positive effects I’ve been noticing and tuning into, way outweigh them. Emotionally I feel much more solid. Hormonal stability too. My entire “cycle” feels way more chilled out then what usually feels like a constant overdrive. I’ve also dropped 4kg which was a surprising amount considering that my exercise level is pretty much constant so that 4kg came just from removing crap. It’s shocking. I’m wondering if as I am more consistent if I will level out now, or if there is another 4kg in me to come off.

More important for me is the consistency with my diet. I feel like I have settled a partial score against my sugar addiction and learned that I can easily fill my body with much better choices. So for right now I feel like the Whole 30 isn’t really going to end too much next week when it ends. I want to maintain the way I have been eating and some of the choices I have. All it really means is little luxuries like unpasturized honey, and a bit more fruit choices – although I am limiting to 1 piece/serving per day. Bottom line – good things are happening so why mess with what works?

Tonight’s dinner: (post workout)

BBQ’d 5 ounce grass-fed NY steak (rubbed in olive oil, pepper, garlic, chili powder)

Sweet potato fries (with some chipolte aioli)

Sauteed kale and broccoli in EVOO


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