What happened?

I neglected my beautiful deadlift and I’ve regressed! I am soooo sorry deadlift! I will get you back, I promise! My 5-rep max was previously 260#, and an easy 260# at that. I remember that day so vividly because I felt like I could have taken on 275#. Today I struggled with 230#. A 30# difference! With my 40th birthday coming up, and the Tactical Strength Challenge shortly after that I really want to pull something in the 300#’s.

So using 315# as my target max I went back to my good old reliable Wendler format and have created a 12-week program that I am hoping I can complete. If I manage to pull it off I will probably lift more than 315#. The program is ambitious as I feel like I was barely able to complete today’s workout and I will be increasing a bit next week…although the rep counts will change so maybe it will work itself out. I will try. I am tenacious.

Here’s what I’ve been up to the last few days:

Daily: Push-Pull Challenge. Today marks the start of week 2. I’m still going strong and haven’t missed a day.

Sunday: EYKB practice. Got my kettlebell on with Boris and Raymond.

Monday: My new deadlift day. I just did a 500m warmup and cool down. Once I get stronger I will do more of a rowing workout after the lift.

Deadlift – 5 reps @ 125#, 155#, 180#, 205#, 230#

This was ass-kicking. I ย hated it which makes me sad because deadlift has always been my favourite lift. I’m hoping this is a temporary feeling and muscle-memory will kick in. My Strengthbox workouts this week will also help.

Bottom line is I have been neglecting my oly lifts a bit and I miss them. I need to bring them back more consistently.


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