Tree House Dwellings Part 2


Today I had it all! Deadlift, Kettlebell practice, and Push-Pull Challenge required reps.  The picture is me outside at dusk doing my required reps of pullups. Mondays are strict days (no kipping). I’m wearing my rubber boots because it’s raining outside.

500m row warmup

Mobility exercises

Deadlift -5reps  @ 125#, 155#; 3reps @ 190#, 220#, 240#  This felt better then last week.  I was extra happy to see only 3reps…although I was still disappointed at how heavy 240# felt. I think I could have squeaked out 5 reps but it wouldn’t have felt pretty. The main thing to focus on is that it just felt better. I was dreading it a bit going in worried it was going to feel hard and it felt uncomfortably manageable.  I’m o.k with that because it means I’m working exactly where I should be.

500m row cool down


38 deadhang pullups (20 unassisted, 18 using thin red band)

22 pushups

Then some kettlebell practice:

Swings – 1hand switch
3min – 12kg – 1.5min per hand

Snatches – 1min breaks
2min – 8kg – 16RPM – hand switch
2min – 8kg – 16RPM – hand switch
2min – 8kg – 16RPM – hand switch
2min – 8kg – 16RPM – hand switch

1KB Jerk – 3min breaks
4min – 12kg – 10RPM – 2min per side
4min – 8kg – 15RPM – 2min per side

All of this (except the deadlift) was done in my backyard in the rain. It was so mild outside it was perfect! A great way to spend my evening instead of the usual – sit on the couch and mark or plan for 3 hours.



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