Lucky Number 7000

After a crazy emotional day yesterday where a parent decided to dump on me I really needed today’s workout. And the regular Strengthbox crowd totally boosted my spirits.

Today’s workout:

Lift a total of 7000lbs.

The Rules:

1. Must involve 1 rep of Back Squat, 1 rep of Press and 1 rep of deadlift

2. Once you choose your load there is no decreasing it.

3. Must complete within the length of the class (1 hour)

I did a brief warmup and then a few light reps of each lift.

I finally decided on the following:

Back Squat – 135#

Press – 85#

Deadlift  – 225#

Total:  445#

I then divided it into 7, 000 to see how  many sets I was going to have to do which I rounded to 16.

And 16 rounds I did. It took me somewhere between 30 – 40 minutes. I wish I could have done 23  rounds but 16 was perfect. I also think the weights were perfect. I lowered what I initially wanted to do for my back squat and added it to my deadlift. I think they were just right. I could have not gone any heavier on the deadlift….I might have been able to heavier on the back squat up to maybe 150#, and I would have liked to have tried 95# for my press, although I think either I would  have taken longer recovery, or not made it 16 rounds.

Overeall I am super pleased. This is supposed to be a de-loading week for me with my deadlift which I was supposed to do yesterday but didn’t.

Time for bed! I am exhausted!

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