Friends Don’t Let Friends Deadlift Alone

Goal Updates:

Deadlift – this is going to be my biggest challenge for the Tactical Strength Challenge. I have lifted 315# in the past which tells me I should be able to lift it again, if not more. This also means I need to work on my deadlift more than I have been as I have regressed. I’ve gone back to Wendler programming because I have had success with it in the past. I created a 12 week program of which I am on week 5. My last 5 rep max attempt was supposed to be 250# and I was only able to do 2 reps instead of 5. I am blaming the failure on lifting at home alone. It felt way more challenging then in the past lifting that same amount. I do think I was wussy with my grip and let that discomfort allow me to quit…. something I would not have done if I was lifting with a buddy. Lesson learned.

Push-Pull Challenge – I completed another 4 weeks of Crossfit Wollongong’s  Challenge. Deanne came up with some interesting variations on the pushing and the pulling that  kick ass. I really felt another huge improvement in my other climbing movements just from this program. I took a week off and now I am hitting the same program again only I have switched the usual reps for pushing and pulling. It means a lot more pulling but that’s my weakness so I’m excited about it. I’m on Day 3 of the first week.

Today’s Menu

Today was all about me getting my workout on and introducing my 55 year old neighbour to Strengthbox. She admired my home gym in my backyard a couple of years ago and I knew she was looking for a new and improved way of looking at her fitness instead of the occasional swim at the community pool. She did amazing today! I was so proud of her. Today was really about me going through the workout with her, but I still challenged myself and had a great workout. It was some awesome quality time with friends. I even got to workout with Greg today which we almost never get to do.

Natural Movement:
Joint Mobility
10 Overhead PVC Squats
16 Pullups
10 Pushups
10 Ring Dips

(I did the warm up wearing a 20# weight vest because my Push-Pull challenge required loaded pullups).

Back Squat
5 – 5 – 3 – 3 – 3
95# – 115#  – 145# – 165# – 185#*

*this makes up for my pitiful deadlift yesterday. This matches a previous 3 rep max I did 3 years ago.

Combo: 12 Minutes of
1 Rope Climb
Balance Beam Walk (played with backwards, forwards, squats, and turns) Backwards Bear Walk
Sloth Walk (around all bars of climbing structure)
10 Tire Sledgehammer Hits (5 each arm)
20 Double Unders


One thought on “Friends Don’t Let Friends Deadlift Alone

  1. I think I’m going to start posting my workout plans for the week. I also liked the back squat today. I did the same rep sequence but wussed out on my last rep in the final 3. I blame 2 weeks of other shit getting in the way of hitting SB, on my lack of glutes today.

    Anyways, getting right back up.

    I’m coming in tomorrow and Friday and we will not let each other dead lift alone… I know you’ll want to kick my butt if we’re working out together so see you then lady!

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