Getting A Grip

Today has been great so far….even if I am completely exhausted. I went out last night and did not do my required pushups and pullups so I have decided to do double duty today. I did yesterday’s 39 chinups before kettlebell training, and 25 pushups. I only have 41 more pushups and I will be caught up.

I titled this entry “Getting A Grip” for a couple of reasons.

1. I feel as though I am making really great progress on my diet and exercise routine being at  a level I find acceptable as a working professional 🙂 There is always room to do more but I have been very consistent at doing a little which makes me really happy. It has inspired me to the point that I now have 2 competition goals – The Agatsu Canadian Kettlebell Sport Championships  on April 28th, and the Tactical Strength Challenge on May 5th.

It has inspired me deeply to do the following from Feb 20th until May 5th:

A. Eat clean

B. Trim down to the 60kg weight class

2. Today Boris had us working on some kettlebell drills that FINALLY got my brain making some connections of how to properly grip the bell during a snatch movement so that I don’t put so much pressure or “shearing” on my callouses. I found using this more efficient technique made me feel more in control and therefore more relaxed which can only result in more reps. Problem is that it seems easy at low weights, I have to convince myself that the same principle still applies at heavier weights. 16kg still makes me feel panicky like when I was first learning to swim and afraid of drowning. Once I learned to control my breathing I was fine. I need to do the same with kettle.

3. I just finished completing another CF Wollongong Push-Pull challenge. It is seriously the best thing I have ever done for myself and I am going to keep repeating it until competition time…or at least as long as I think it is helping which I can’t  see ending any time soon. Today I saw my first results from the challenge – I was able to do “around the world” hip circle around the bar using an overhand grip on the climbing structure! First time ever! And I even did it twice to prove it wasn’t a fluke! My next challenge (hopefully before Clifton arrives) is to be able to do it on the swinging log.

Here is what Boris tortured us with today:

O.k…so Boris never sent me the workout and I didn’t take any notes. So I’ve been hanging on to this post for too long. In the meantime I have been working on my kettlebell skills.  Here are a couple of homework assignments Boris has given me over the past week:

  Workout #1
1Arm Swing – 1 min breaks
3min – 12kg – 1 hand switch
3min – 12kg – 1 hand switch

2min break

Swing and Snatch – 2min breaks – 1 breaths on top
4min – 8Kg – 1 hand switch – 2 swing & 1 snatch
4min – 8Kg – 1 hand switch – 1 swing & 1 snatch
4min – 8Kg – 1 hand switch – 1 swing & 1 snatch

This workout I thoroughly enjoyed. It was easy. I even  almost enjoyed the swings.

 Workout #2

1Arm Swing – 1 min breaks
3min – 16kg – 1 hand switch

2min break

Snatch- 2min breaks
4min – 8Kg – 16RPM – 1hand switch
4min – 8Kg – 18RPM – 1hand switch
4min – 8Kg – 20RPM – 1hand switch

4min break

1arm Jerks – 3min break
4min – 8kg – 12RPM – 1hand switch
4min – 12kg – 10-12RPM – 1hand switch

This workout kicked my ass and I hate  myself – haahahaa… Just kidding. But seriously the 16kg swings sucked…I hate them so much 🙂 The jerks were a little tough after all of the snatching but I still enjoy them much more than snatching! 😉


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