Goal: To Be Badass, Weakness: Patience

This weekend completely changed my life as I attended a 2 day Movnat workshop at Strengthbox.  I have these 2 fabulous men to thank for it – Kellen Milad (left) and Clifton Harski. These guys are the best trainers I have ever met. They are super human and yet incredibly down to earth. After 2 days with them I feel completely motivated and inspired to keep training and working on creating the best me possible.

I feel as though the dedication, enthusiasm and complete love of what they do, along with the interesting and positive participants was the recipe for creating the environment I needed to learn. Although I was familar with 90% of the material it was still a weekend with many firsts. I have made significant gains in my Movnat training since West Virginia 6 months ago. It was as though that experience planted many seeds that just needed time to germinate. Attending this workshop injected new life into my movnat experience and made me see how much I have improved.

Here are some of the highlights of goals I achieved this weekend:

1. Be less  of an asshole: In the past few years I have noticed an increase in facebook photos of human turkish getups. It is usually some buff dude holding some skinny, tiny woman overhead. I know this is an impressive feat but it always pissed me off because with my muscular brickhouse build, and penchant for being an asshole with my diet, no photo of me would ever exist where I was the one being held overhead. One of my goals for 2012 has been to be less of an asshole when it comes to my diet. I feel like this is going to be my year where this is concerned. I started things off right by completing the Whole 30 program during the month of January and lost 4kg. Partner this up with knowing a guy like Clifton who can Turkish Getup an insane amount of weight (on his right side-teehee) and it is every non-size zero, athletic girl’s dream. 🙂

2. Do things other say/think you cannot do: I first learned the fireman carry  technique properly in West Virginia. I must admit that it didn’t really click when I was there and I wasn’t willing to carry more than the other women who were there (part of that had to do with how “close” you need to get to execute this which can be a little awkward with a complete stranger). So needless to say when I was able to carry Greg, Jonathon and Clifton who are all in the 200#’s, it felt pretty awesome. We joked about having a hand free for your machine gun and I have to admit that the visualization of me carrying some guy out of a burning building moments before an explosion, while shooting bad guys at the same time definitely helped! 🙂

3. Be smart and you can work through injury: When I was in West Virginia I re-injured my knee (previous Ultimate Frisbee injury) after being a workout asshole and driving 12 hrs, doing Crossfit and then attending a 5 day Movnat workshop. It hasn’t been the same since and I have noticed that jumping activities in particular can cause it to become easily inflamed. Thursday I did a combo at Strengthbox that involved precision jumping and caused my knee to flare up. I knew the 2 day workshop was going to be a challenge but decided to just be smart about things. So if it meant not trying stupid stuff or doing fewer reps – so be it. As a result I was actually able to make some progress in my precision jumping, particularly with having more controlled landings.

4. Overall, I’m a better mover: This weekend I had some personal bests in terms of my balancing abilities on more challenging objects and heights, doing “around the world”/bear grylls on both the climbing structure and the swinging log branch, performing repeated muscle-up progressions from the forearm position,  a double 16kg kettlebell get-up, clean, jerk, shoulder a log and then squat and kneel with it to a name a few 😉

The two biggest take home messages that I am walking away with this weekend are to focus my training more around my own personal goals and weaknesses. I have been great at the making personal goals part (e.g. kettlebell competitions, push-pull Challenges, tactical strength challenge). The working on my weaknesses part I have really sucked at.

As a result of this I have made some new additions to my current training goals:

1. Spend more time on my ground work and rolls.

2. Get a free standing hand stand (and also improve my hand stand pushups)

3. Develop barefoot running badassness and tougher feet.

I will continue to move and climb and do the movements I love to do, but I want to close the gap on areas where I feel I’m falling too far behind. If you actually read this far you may have noticed that I have not addressed my weakness stated in the title – patience. That’s because I make no concrete promises to work on that. If I want something I bust my ass until I get it. I sometimes get a little frustrated along the way but I am getting smarter in my old age 😉

Thank you Movnat!


4 thoughts on “Goal: To Be Badass, Weakness: Patience

    1. It was non-stop fun! On the final day I didn’t want it to end. Although my muscles were exhausted I felt so invigorated that I wanted to just keep on moving! 🙂

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