Adapting Expectations

Today is my first day hitting the gym since the weekend workshop. I’m still feeling seriously pumped. Although I took yesterday off I did make sure I hit one of my weakness by doing some ground work. I’m also back to practicing my Virasana or “Hero Pose”. My hips and quads are so tight I completely dread it, but my gut tells me if I am ever comfortably able to sit in that pose I will also make gains in my knee/quad issues which will help all of my lifts, my squats and the list goes on…

Today I was back on my Push-Pull program…at least I was supposed to be. I kinda   was a pussy which Clifton would scoff at…I really should have thought “What Would Clifton Do” but I honestly still felt some fatigue from the weekend + I was having some fun yesterday doing more non-practical stuff like the human get-up lifts and some hand stands. My hand stands are getting much better but I need to practice them more free and not against the wall. Sometimes a girl’s just gotta have fun 😉

So here’s what happened: I  was supposed to do 19 weighted pullups and 31 pushups. The combo I did today had pullups in it as well as burpees which I fully intended to count as pushups. I contemplated doing the entire workout in a 20# weight vest, but once I saw the workout I decided not to (that’s why I’m  a wuss).

Natural Movement:
Foam Roller
Ground work

Overhead Squats (PVC)
Plank Towing / Rope Dragging

Rest 5:00


1500m Row
50 Wall ball (15# crappy unevenly weighted med ball!)
40 DB PP (25#)
30 Pull ups (Chest to Bar)
20 Barrier Lateral Hop Burpees (used paralette for barrier)
10 Warrior Sit Ups

I then finished off the rest of the challenge by doing 11 more pushups.


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