Paleo Cabbage Roll Caserole

My mother’s cabbage roll casserole was awesome but the rice and cheese did not like me over the years no matter how delicious. This is an equally tasty paleo version that I enjoyed creating.


Browned 2lbs of ground beef with 1 small onion, garlic and cremini mushrooms. I then added my spices – chili powder, basil and oregano, and black pepper. I then added 1 – 28oz can of diced tomatoes and 1-28oz can of crushed tomatoes. Simmered while I put the vegetable layers together.

Vegetable layer:

In my food processor I shredded the head of a small green cabbage and also made cauliflower rice with a small  cauliflower. In a sauce pan I sauteed these veggies in olive oil and a couple of tablespoons of chicken broth. When they were a little el dente I then used them as the first layer in the casserole dish.

Layer 1 – Cabbage/Cauliflower

Layer 2 – Tomato meat sauce

Layer 3 – Cabbage/Cauliflower

Layer 4 – Tomato meat sauce


1 green kabocha squash

2 sm-med sized yams

2 tbsp coconut oil

coconut milk


On top of all of this goodness is a squash/yam topping. The squash was cut in half, guts/seeds removed and placed in a roasting dish with a little bit of water. I roasted the squash in the oven with 1tbsp of coconut oil in each half, and 1tsp of cumin and cinnamon. On the stove I peeled and boiled the yams. When they were ready for mashing and the squash was ready I took it from the oven, scooped out the meat and mashed with the drained sweet potatoes. I added a bit more coconut oil, garlic and coconut milk to make it the consistency of a good mash. I then covered the casserole with this final layer.

Baked in the oven for 30 minutes.

* The amount described in this recipe I would guess to be the perfect amount for a standard size lasagna tray. I had to distribute mine between a casserole dish and 2 meatloaf pans. We’re going to have the caserole dish now and freeze the 2 meatloaf pans.


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