I Bear Grylls Onto That Bar!

What I love about training progressions is the feeling of accomplishment. That isn’t that profound, I know… but for me, it just fits. I’m halfway through my 2nd consecutive Push-Pull Challenge (a first for me) and I’m still noticing gains in my lifts and movnat techniques. Take yesterday for example:

I was banging out my 22 required deadhang pullups in my backyard while intermittently working on my handstands and fitting in my 38 required pushups (for the Push-Pull Challenge). Since I cannot do 22 consecutive deadhang pullups (yet), I decided to break them up into sets of 5. My first move was to do a bear grylls (also called “around the world”) onto the bar, come back down and perform 4 more deadhang pullups. It was fun and awesome because I actually did it. This is a huge improvement for me because it seemed not too long ago that I would do 1 bear grylls and then go days before I could perform another one again. I feel like I finally have it down on my backyard bar. I now need to get this down on wider branches.

Today was a lethargic workout day for me. I think I’m fighting a cold. I debated not going and resting instead, but in the end I sucked it up but decided I would just be a little “gentler” on myself (which is why I am not posting my time).

Warm-Up (in a 20# weight vest) – 2 sets of:

10 Pullups       (+ extra 5 reps to total 25 for my Push-Pull Challenge)

10 Ring Dips

10 Situps

10 Back Extensions

10 OHS (with PVC)

Strength: Superset 5×5
Double KB Lunges
Double KB Swings

This sucked today. My knee was sore so I didn’t feel safe to really push to heavier loads.

Combo: 6 Times  – “For Time”
6 Deadhang Pullups (did 1st set unassisted, then used skinny red band)
9 Box Jumps (20″ box) focused on ninja landings – sore right knee
12 Wall Balls (14# med ball)


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