Pushing and Pulling

So far this March Break I have been super productive. I created a very over ambitious list (ofcourse) of things I want to get done before having to go back to work. It has felt great to pretty much be where I was hoping to be after the first couple of days. The major thing I wanted to tackle was some spring cleaning. I know that more snow could/probably will occur and we aren’t fully into spring yet, but the weather was so warm I found myself drawn to getting stuff done. Today I washed the car, took Stella to the groomer’s, and did some yard work. I stopped by Strengthbox for the noon class.

Natural Movement

Push-Pull Challenge (9 weighted pullups, 41 pushups)

Ground work

Shoulder rolls (forwards and backwards)



Double Kettlebell Snatches

5 reps @ 8kg, 12kg, 12kg, 16kg, 16kg

In hindsight I think I could have managed the 20kg’s but I was feeling a little low energy today and decided not to try it today. Next time.



3 Rounds using a barbell and plates totally 65#

6x Deadlift
6x Bent-over Row
6x Hang Power Clean
6x Thrusters
6x Push-Ups (hands on barbell)

This workout was way tougher then I thought it was going to be, and being a little lethargic didn’t help. I did the first half round using 85#….way too ambitious. I made it halfway through the cleans and bowed out and scaled down to 65#. I probably could have done 75# as 65# was way easier. I found my aerobic capacity was the limiting factor so I definitely need to add more running into my program.

Back at home at the House of Cyn I got my husband to film me outside on my backyard playground he made me 😉 I have never tried getting to the high bar from the low bar before, and I definitely haven’ t tried 2 successive bear grylls like that before.  Considering that last summer I was struggling to do any bear grylls…. I’ve come along way! 🙂


Bear Grylls



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