The Quest for the Elusive Muscle Up

Warmup: using 12kg KB
20 KB Swings
10 Swing-Catch-Squat
10 KB Pushups
10 KB Situps


Run 400m
16 Get-Ups (16kg KB)
9 Muscle-Ups (progression – jumping muscle-ups)
Run 400m
10 Get-Ups (16kg KB)
6 Muscle-Ups (progression – climbing structure over the bar technique from elbows)
Run 400m
8 Get-Ups (16kg KB)
3 Muscle-Ups (progression – jumping muscle-ups)

I have to say this workout was awesome. It is the most amount of muscle ups (at least progressions of them) that I have ever done in a workout. I have to say I can’t even imagine completing this workout last year. I would love to have a consistent muscle up by the end of August. The running I did in barefoot shoes. It was a good distance to practice my barefoot running and I definitely don’t want to overdo it where that is concerned because running injuries are painful and suck the big one! Overall I’m super happy right now – I’m eating cleaner, finding time for my workouts, focused on a few goals and going after them… moving… living. It’s pretty awesome. And the gorgeous summer-like temperatures in March have been AMAZING!


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