Feeling Groovy

I’m not sure why it has taken so long for me to post this workout but it was from Tuesday of this week. It felt awesome because I was benching super close to my body weight and was able to perform 7 reps each set. The last 2 were always super tough so I know I gave it everything. The deadhang pullups felt fantastic too and it felt more effortless then I expected completing 7 reps to feel. The last time I competed in the Tactical Strength Challenge (probably over 3 years ago) 7 reps was my max deadhang score. I feel as though this year I could beat that.


Natural Movement:
Mobility Tag, Piggy-back tag

Strength – Superset 3 Times:
Max Reps  Bench Press  7 reps each set @ 135#
Max Reps Bodyweight Pullups  7 reps each set
3 Mins Rest

Combo: 7 Minutes (16kg KB  , 20# DB )
7 KB Snatches L
7 DB Plank Rows L*
7 KB Snatches R
7 DB Plank Rows R *
* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlPnQNyMVsE


This workout was very inspired by Steve Maxwell which is why it was so insanely difficult!


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