Starting to Click

My training continues for my newest goal of competing at the first annual Agatsu Canadian Kettlebell Sport Championships.  It will be the biggest meet I have competed in so far.

Today I threw down with the East York Kettlebell club and I even named a timed interval after our coach/leader, Boris – The Terzicata (much deadlier than Tabata). Here’s what we did:

2min KB swings – 1 hand switch (16kg)

Terzicata Snatches (12kg) – explained below:

Right arm 45 sec KB snatches (14rpm) 15 sec rest  X 4 rounds

Leftt arm 45 sec KB snatches (14rpm) 15 sec rest  X 4 rounds

These snatches were challenging. My right arm HATED this…it was hard on my weak shitty shoulder. I faultered between 12, 14, 13, 12 reps for this side. The left side felt much more comfortable and I was able to maintain 14rpm for all 4 sets.

3 minutes rest

The Rule of 36 (12kg):

10 rounds of 36sec KB cleans with 36 “rest” in the rack position

I hate to say it but these were easy. I think 16kg would have been too much for me so this was awesome active recovery before the jerks we ended with. I also felt much more comfortable about my hand position sliding in and out of the bell, it was beginning to feel smooth. It was a good opportunity to take advantage of focusing on technique through high volume.

3 minutes rest

4 rounds (2 per arm) of  (12kg): 

90sec KB jerks, 30 sec “rest” in the rack position

These were tough. Boris kept wanting me to go faster but I swear I was going as fast as I could. I don’t think I’m as efficient as I can be yet… but only practice and competition are going to help me figure it out. “Resting” in the rack position  was the limiting factor during these sets… and became tougher and tougher each set. I actually wanted the “rest” time to fly by because it was much more painful then the “work” time.

Done! Stretch. Go home and do laundry, tidy kitchen, make guacamole while waiting to see who will replace Jack Layton.


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