Swinging Away

First of all – on an unrelated note: I love my Black Milk Leggings!! They arrived last week after a long wait – mind you they were coming from Australia so no wonder! My first appearance with them was to last weekend’s kettlebell workout. I knew Boris would love them (which he did, and he’s a bit upset that BMC is only for women). This picture is my 2nd appearance with these leggings during a combo at Strengthbox.

This journal entry represents my most recent kettlebell workout which I did on Wed. April 4th. I was feeling pretty tired and lethargic as though I was fighting a cold (which luckily didn’t arrive), so I’m actually pretty impressed I made it through this workout relatively unscathed.

Swing – WARM UP
2min – 16kg – 1hand switch

* this was how I knew I wasn’t feeling well because as soon as I picked up the bell to swing it I’m sure I made an audible *gasp* as though I didn’t even want to pick it up it felt so heavy!
Long Cycle – switch hands every min.
8min – 12kg – 10-12RPM – 1min hand switches

*These felt relatively smooth. I was able to pretty much hit 12rpm bang on each minute each side. My left side (which is better then my right) might have even been up to 14rpm. My right side was closer to 10-12rpm range.

1ARM Jerk – 1min break
3min – 16kg – 12RPM – 1hand switch
3min – 16kg – 12RPM – 1hand switch

*These were excruciating! I managed to survive the 12rpm but on my right side I wanted to die and it was beyond uncomfortable – into the pain zone in terms of stress on my shoulder. The left side found this challenging but bearable.

The 2nd set of these my right arm only lasted for 70 seconds and then I switched over to my left.


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